TEB International Marketing and Sales Experts


    Are you in need of information about Foreign Trade?

    TEB International Marketing and Sales Experts are waiting you in TEB Branches.

    You can get free information from our SME customer representatives experienced in international marketing and sales; aboutidentification of problems in your business, recommendation of solutions for these problems as well as the opportunities related to the foreign markets. Our experts who have received an exclusive specialty training in international marketing and sales support our SMEs at the end of the training program by sharing information on many issues such as;

    • Basic Foreign Trade Information
    • Foreign Trade Legislation
    • Foreign Trade Financing and Structuring
    • International Cultural Differences and Agreements
    • Preparing Strategic Foreign Trade Plan, etc.,

    make detailed analyses for the identification of problematic areas, and as a result of these analyses, they determine the problems required to be solved and share them with the SME manager.

    By supporting the SMEs’ efforts of development in accordance with the changing economic conditions through the suggestions they have prepared and giving information about the opportunities in the foreign markets, our consultantsenhance the strength of the SMEs in improving their sales performance and making effective use of the financial resources, and furnish information that might provide guidance to the SMEs about the opportunities as well as the potential risks in the foreign markets.

    We are waiting you to TEB Branches to meet with our consultants.

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