Bulk Payments

Bulk Payments | SME

    Salary Payments

    The advantages that you will take by making your salary payments through our Bank are given below; 

    • Workload and time-losses due to salary payments will be eliminated.
    • The risks that could occur during the salary payment improper payment etc.) will be eliminated.
    • The confidentiality of staff salaries will be ensured.
    • Notwithstanding the official holidays and working hours, salaries of the staff could be paid.
    • Accounting burden of the company will considerably decrease.

    Check Book

    It is a cash management service for your company which can be used in your forward purchase. All the companies performing forward purchases and making its payments with a banking instrument other than commercial paper or money order could get benefit from this product. 

    Check Printing Software

    It is a cash management service which ceases the manual check writing and enables companies write their checks via computer in a fast and neat way.

    Tax- SSI (Social Security Institution) Payments

    • For tax and all Premium payments of SSI, accrual vouchers should be faxed to our branch.
    • Tax payments could also be performed by writing a TEB check to the payment date.
    • With an automatic payment order for SSI payments, accrued SSI debts could be automatically paid by TEB.
    • SSI Payments could also be performed online via Corporate/ Commercial Internet Banking.

    Customs Duty Payments

    Customs duty payments of the companies could be performed upon an order to be given to TEB or from the account of the company via Corporate/ Commercial Internet Banking. The proof of receipt valid in customs and showing that the payment was performed could be printed out via Corporate/ Commercial Internet Banking. It is also possible to get the receipt from the nearest TEB branch to the customs.

    Corporate Invoice Payments

    Utility bills, telephone bills and other corporate invoices of your company and personnel could be paid by automatic payment order, internet banking, mobile banking and our cash-desks. Please click here for the list of corporations that you could do payment. 

    Regular Payments

    It is a cash-management service for the payments of your company the date and amount of which are fixed in advance.

    Petrol Ofisi AutoMatic Payment

    Within the framework of the agreement between our Bank and Petrol Ofisi, companies working with our bank could fuel their vehicles up from thousands of Petrol Ofisi stations having a wide network of stations in Turkey and AutoMatic service with the online technology, without paying any cash.

    System works with the Direct Payment System that will be settled between our customer and Petrol Ofisi. Our customers having car fleet could perform their PO AutoMatic payments within the credit limit that will be allocated by our Bank only for these payments.
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