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    Gold Loan

     The Gold Loan is extended by the Bank to real and legal persons operating in jewelry sector on a gram-per-gram basis with a minimum of 250 grams. Interest and fees to be accrued on the loan accounts are followed in the accounts as gold on a gram basis.


    • Strengthens working capital.
    • Generates financing cost.
    • Protects the capital from inflation-induced fictitious profits.
    • Protects gold capital of the company against the currency risk associated with USD or TL loans.

    Documents needed to make an application:

    • Jewellery Certificate (Certificate of Activity from Chamber of Jewellers or Chambers of Trade)
    • Financial Tables (for the last 3-years)
    • Signature Circular
    • Copy of title dead
    • Copy of Company Registration Gazette or ID Card
    • Tax Plate

    You can make your application by getting detailed information from all TEB Branches.

    Gold Support Line

    For detailed information about Gold Banking products, you may call the phone number 444 0 667.

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