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    T-Card System

    T-Card System is a special card collection system which facilitates the trading between the suppliers and customers. T-Card System removes the costs related to cheques, notes, guarantee letters, bank remittances, etc.; the sales and collection structure of the companies becomes safe and simple.

    T-Card System gives a collection guarantee to the suppliers on the one hand and adds purchasing power to the card holder companies through the credit line on the other. Thus, T-Card System makes the life easier both for the suppliers and card holders.

    When the parent companies, companies distributing goods to retail points, manufacturers and distributors that wishing to sell with T-Card System join among our member companies, they can start making their collections in the business places of their own customers. Since the system is a closed-circuit operating system, it can be used only for their customers; thus T-Card system is secure in this respect.

    An account is opened directly with TEB for the companies wishing to purchase goods with T-Card System and T-Card System is defined to the Bank card or the Business credit card they desire. If the company presently has no card, then a Bank card or a Business Cradit Card should be requested at the first stage.  

    By this means; the card holder companies can take advantage of all the facilities being offered by T-Card System while trading with the suppliers who are members of the system.

    The Features of T-Card System:

    Flexible Term: The relevant terms can be determined either at the time of sale according to type of the good and the customer’s need or among the term options that you have specified before.

    Company-Specific Limit: T-Card System limit allocated by TEB can be distributed among the member merchants included in the system by the Card Holders as they wish.  They can benefit from a flexible credit facility through a daily interest calculation method. The Card Holder can change the limit breakdowns when they wish by simply calling 444 0 832 TEB Company Phone Banking.

    Reporting: A detailed reporting support can be provided related to the transactions being conducted.

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