TEB SME Consultants

TEB SME Consultants

    TEB SME Consultants are the biggest supporters of SMEs in their growth journey!

    At TEB Branches, there are consultants who identify the problematic issues in SMEs’ businesses, offer them solutions and guide them toward opportunities ahead. 

    After completing a 24-months intensive training program, our customer representatives are able to conduct detailed company analysis at the end of the training process not only on the financial aspects of their customers, but also for identifying the problems on the basis of;

    • Production management,
    • Organizational structure,
    • Marketing activities,
    • Human resources management.  

    As a result of these analyses, they determine the problems needed to be solved and communicate them with the manager of the relevant SME. “TEB SME Consultant” who leads the development efforts of SMEs in accordance with the changing economic conditions by the suggestions he/she prepared increase the strength of SMEs in this scope through the sales development, enhancing the efficiency of production and effective use of financial resources.

     You can apply to the nearest TEB Branches to get more detailed information about our TEB SME Consultants, who guide our SMEs in company management in different sectors with the training they receive.

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