Public Finance

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    Providing Financing to Local Authorities and Its Affiliated Companies

    • Loan packages to be utilized for medium and long-term investments and for vehicle, service and machinery equipment purchases (Bank and Leasing options):

         - Road, transportation, health, culture, sport investments.

    • Long-term project finance loans:

         - Environment-based clean water, waste-water, sewerage system, water and solid-waste disposal, solid-waste regular storage projects.

         - Public transportation systems

         - Urban transformation projects

         - Energy efficiency projects

    • Loans for financing short-term market and contractor payments.

    Solutions for Collections of Local Authorities

    • Mediate all collections required to be collected by the municipalities by the law.

         - Water collections
         - Tax Collections

         - Levies and charges
         - Rental income
         - Legal shares income
         - Other income such as carpark, marina etc.

    • Mediate all payments required to be made by the municipalities.

         - Payments related to service procurement
         - Payments related to investments

    • Carry out all the collections and payments by using technological banking applications

         - Online and instantly-managed systems
         - Regular payments
         - Regular collections
         - Direct collection systems
         - Data flow over the internet
         - Card payment systems
         - POS, virtual card applications

    • Automatic recognition of the collections and payments through accounting intergration systems
    • E-government applications  
    • Automatic reporting services  
    • Tax systems, transportation systems, accounting systems
    • E-government and electronic signature applications

    Smart City Applications

    • Online / instant collection in municipalities using Sampaş systems.
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