Structured Trade And Commodity Finance

    In particular, starting from the pre-production process for structuring complex trade transactions at every stage until the sale to the final buyer, our foreign trade experts offer their support. It is possible to accept the commodities being traded, as collateral to provide funding thanks to our expert staff.
    • Smooth operation of transferable letters of credit
    • Financing with Back-to-back letters of credit
    • Commodity financing,
    • Financing with CMA / SME agreements against pledge of commodities,
    • Financing with a Custodian method,
    • Supplier financing
    • FCR financing,
    • Financing of the transport period until the final destination
    • Uninterrupted solution with loading and discharge surveillance,
    • Financing of the inventories or production period for the customs cleared raw materials or semi-finished products,
    • Receivable financing,
    • Pre-export financing,
    • Discounting of deferred receivables.

    Let us establish the correct structure and evaluate your risk for any transaction starting from the supply until collection of the trade receivables with our expert team by working together and create alternative solutions for you. 

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