Loans for Export Finance


    FX Loans

    TEB supports exporters by providing FX loan facilities according to regulations of TCMB. Exporters and export- oriented manufactures enjoy tax benefits by using export committed FX loans and have the opportunity to finance pre-export activities.  

    EXIMBANK Loans

    Türk Exim Bank supports exporters, export-oriented manufacturers and entrepreneurs operating in international markets by providing them with short, medium/ long-term cash and non-cash programs.

    Türk Exim Bank also supports exporters by providing credit insurance programs to secure their deferred receivables Moreover, export receivables are discounted in order to increase export volume and to ease access into new and target markets through the promotion of sales on deferred payment conditions.

    Type of facilities:

    Short Term Loans

    Specific Loan Programs

    Loans for Foreign Currency Earning Service

    Loan Program for Participating to Overseas Trade Fairs

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