Fast Import Transfers

    TEB E-Banking “fast import payments” service will allow you to make import payments and  FX transfers to all around the World with quickest way.  

    You can use previously saved details of suppliers in order to make new payments to same company. All international outgoing transfers to several suppliers can be affected by sharing an electronic file through Internet Banking or FTP channel.

    This service was rewarded as “the most innovative and cost mitigating payment system solution” by Union of European Payment Systems Advisors in 2016.

    Monitoring Import and Export Files

    You can monitor and print out DAB, DSB, TTB and debit advices related with invisible transactions, custom declaration information; custom letters, LG’s related with custom declarations and Bills of Exchange.

    Foreign Trade Cash Flow

    You can monitor your Foreign Trade Cash flow, import payments and export receivables, which are shown on the calendar and get report of each transaction on the reference basis. 

    Global Account Management

    You can monitor balance and movements of your accounts held with all local and international banks by using TEB Internet Banking Global Account Management menu. This tool will bring effectiveness and time management to your cash management processes.   

    Access to Swift Messages

    You can monitor incoming and outgoing transfers to/from your account, swift messages related with import & export LC’s through TEB Internet Banking. Swift messages can be forwarded to you by e-mail if you wish so.

    Tracing of Sent Documents

    You can track status of your export documents which you have delivered to our bank on the tracking system of the courier company by using TEB Internet Banking. Tracking information can be sent to you via e-mail if you wish so.

    Manufacturer Account Monitoring

    If you are a manufacturer and using an export company as an intermediary, you can monitor your export proceeds as soon as credited to accounts of that company. 

    Issuing LC Application Form

    LC issuance application forms can be filled and submitted through TEB Internet Banking. These forms can be saved to archive in order to be used in future transactions. Statues of LC issuance process can be monitored on this web platform. 

    Custom Tax Payment and Printing Custom Tax Payment Advice

    You can pay your custom taxes and print the payment advices out from TEB Internet Banking or collect the original document from nearest TEB Branch.

    Payment Instruction From Abroad

    If you are a part of multinational organization and your head office is located in abroad, with “Payment Instruction from Abroad tool”, you can send local & cross border payment instructions to TEB by using BNP Paribas electronic payment systems.

    Other Electronic Banking Services

    Incoming Export Proceeds

    We will be informing you via e-mail when export proceeds are credited to your accounts.

    Confirmed Export LC’s

    You will be notified by e-mail whenever our confirmation is added to your export LC’s.

    Notification of your account movements through Swift

    Your account movements can be sent to your swift address. (With MT 940 daily, MT942 instantly)  We can also send these movements as electronic file if you want them to be integrated with your accounting system.

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