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    TEB Bank Card  

    With your TEB Bank Card, you can perform your balance inquiry and money withdrawal transactions from TEB ATMs and also from other bank ATMs in the country.

    If you are in abroad, depending upon the logos on the card, you can withdraw cash advance from ATMs with Electron, Maestro, Plus or Cirrus logos. You can also withdraw USD, EURO and GBP from your accounts up to your daily TL limit by using TEB ATMs. In order to withdraw USD, EURO and GBP, it is sufficient just to get your USD, EURO and GBP demand deposit accounts with TEB defined to your bank card through 444 0 832 TEB Company Phone Branch or TEB Corporate  Internet Branch.   

    It is a Shooping Instrument

    You can use your card for your purchases in merchant places with Electron or Maestro logo both in the country and abroad without the need to carry cash.

    You can perform the following transactions with your card at TEB ATMs:

    • Money Withdrawal (TL / USD / EURO / POUND)
    • Balance Inquiry
    • Foreign Exchange Transactions
    • Fund Transactions
    • Express Credit Application
    • Money Transfers
    • Turkcell Prepaid Card and Avea TL Loading
    • PIN transactions
    • Depositing Money to the Account*
    * At ATMs with deposit-taking unit.
    ** With the exception of TEB Express machines; please click here to get updated information on fees charged for money withdrawal transactions performed from other bank ATMS. 
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