Cash Loans

Cash Loans | SME

    Spot Loans

    Spot loans are loans whereby the interest rate is determined on the date the loan is used and its principal and interest repayments are collected at the end of maturity. One of the most important features of spot loan is that its period can be set on a weekly, monthly and even on a daily basis; and another one is that the determined interest rate is locked until the maturity date.

    Revolving TL Loans

    Revolving Turkish Lira Loans are loans extended for the purpose of providing short-term financing that companies may need due to various reasons (raw material purchases, production costs, etc.) during their commercial activities. The term of the loan, its pricing and collaterals are determined according to the market conditions.

    Flexible Installment Commercial Loan

    Flexible Installment Commercial Loan for all your company needs.

    Fixed-equal installments or a flexible repayment option that best suits the cash-flow of your company.

    Overdraft (Kaynak) Account

    • Overdraft (Kaynak) Account: An overdraft loan facility from TEB Enterprise Banking that is designed especially for the businesses!
    • If you have an Overdraft Account, you can make your invoice, cheque, tax, social insurance, etc. payments even when you do not have sufficient balance in your demand deposit account and can easily meet your cash needs without any further procedure. 
    • Thus, you will not experience problems such as unable to make your payments or your cheque is being dishonored when you cannot collect your cheque or the remittance/EFT payments you expect are delayed. The negative balance of your Overdraft Account is automatically closed when you make deposit into your account; and the interest is calculated up to the amount according to days of your borrowing and collected at the end of the month.

    Foreign Currency Loans

    Foreign Currency Loans are generally granted for pre-export financing with 18 months maximum tenor excluding some exceptional circumstances on the basis of product and source. 

    Export Credits

    Export Credit is a type of loan granted in TL terms for financing exports, sales and deliveries that are considered exports and foreign currency generating activities.

    Discount Loans

    Discount Loans are a type of loan which enables to convert the commercial notes arising from a commercial activity and has not yet due into cash.

    Workplace Support Loan

    Do you want to buy a new business premises? Very easy with Workplace Support Loan!

    • Fixed-equal installments or a flexible repayment option that best suits the cash-flow of your company.
    • It provides long-term financing facility to your business property purchasings.

    Auto Loan

    You can utilize TEB Auto Loan with terms up to 48 months either for your business or for your personal use.

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