Agreements with Chambers

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    Agreements with Chambers

    Scope of the Agreement

    • The members of the Chambers of Industry (and Trade) which an agreement has been signed can utilize commercial installment loans in accordance with the limits, maturity and payment structure specified within the scope of the protocol.
    • Our customers, if they wish, can have the right to acquire our other products at a discount.
    • By the Overdraft Account, the business owners can make their invoice, cheque and tax etc. payments that become due even when they do not have money in their accounts; and will not experience time and workforce loss due to unmade payments.

    Please visit the TEB Branch nearest to you right now for all type of information related to the Agreements with Chambers as well as the other products and services we offer within the scope of Enterprise Banking; and let our portfolio managers who are experts on their subjects in the Enterprise Banking serve you.  

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