SME My Workplace Security Insurance

SME My Workplace Security Insurance

    TEB protects your labour…!

    Whether it is big or small…

    The business you have invested in all your labour, savings and years are facing various risks. Do not let the risks to threat what you own!

    With SME My Workplace Security Insurance designed by TEB for you, you can insure your workplace against potential risks with very favorable conditions.

    SME My Workplace Security Insurance is a comprehensive product which assures the buildings and contents of small and medium-sized commercial businesses and their fixtures, furnishings, merchandise, third-party goods and machinery installations included in the scope of the insurance against;

    Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Theft, Earthquake, Strikes, Lockouts, Riot, Civil Commotion, Malicious Acts, Terrorism, Storm, Snow Weight, Landslide, Flood and Torrent, Smoke, Land and Air Vehicle Collisions risks; against accidental glass breakage risks in the workplace, physical damages that may be caused to third parties when a business continues to operate and the compensation amounts to be paid as a result of the lawsuits to be filed due to the work-related injuries because of the legal liability to be borned by the employer as a result of the work accidents that may occur in the workplace, within the limits specified in the insurance policy.

    You can select one of three different insurance plans offered by SME My Workplace Security Insurance that best suits to your workplace; and you can make your payments either from the account or by using your TEB World Card with 9 equal-installments. 

    Take your precautions for your business right away!

    Come to TEB and meet with the comprehensive insurance scope and favorable premium amounts of SME My Workplace Security Insurance.


    • Low premium amounts: an opportunity to insure your workplace by paying only TL 522 in a year. 
    • Payment alternatives in advance or in 9 equal monthly installments.
    • 5 different coverage amount options: coverage alternatives at the amounts of TL 37.000, TL 74.000 TL, 105.000 TL, 148.000 TL or 197.000 TL.
    • Renewal of your insurance policy at the expiration date according to existing payment plan and type

    * SME My Workplace Security Insurance is offered by Zurich Insurance Company. Please contact with the TEB Branch nearest to you to purchase this insurance.

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