SME Liability Insurance

SME Liability Insurance

    SME Liability Insurance is a structured liability insurance product for commercial enterprises operating in small and medium scale various sectors which provides Third-Party Financial Liability, Employer Financial Liability and Professional Liability Insurances in a single insurance policy.  SME Liability Insurance also provides coverage for the company employees against damages caused by accidents within the scope of Individual Accident Insurances.


    • Employer Financial Liability,
    • Third-Party Financial Liability,
    • Professional Liability,
    • Employee Individual Accident,
    • Legal Protection,
    • SME Assistance.

    Employer Financial Liability: Liabilities arising due to the death and physical injury of workers, work accidents, accidents that may occur while the workers are in transit, accidents that may occur outside the company, accidents that may occur abroad, occupational illness, food poisoning.

    Third-Party Financial Liability: Liabilities arising due to damages which may be claimed by the third parties against the death and physical injury of workers, material damage and losses that may occur on belongings of third parties.

    Professional Liability: It is provided only for the benefit of the insuree’s field of activity, within the scope of the general terms and conditions of Professional Liability and within the limits specified in the policy.

    Employee Individual Accident: Death or total and permanent disability of the workers are included within the insurance cover based on predefined limits per person.

    Legal Protection:

    • Legal disputes
    • Protection of legal interest
    • Legal Protection for Immovable
    • Legal Protection for Person-Family

    Payment options: Cash or with 6-equal installments, 8-equal installments.

    All liabilities of your company, including the accidents that may happen to your employees, occupational diseases and damages which you may cause to third parties are covered with a single policy.

    It provides coverage for the legal liabilities that may be caused by the error, omission or negligence of the insured company or its employees while they are doing their works.

    It enables you to create an insurance policy with an amount that best suits to the size of your company and with 7 different limit options.

    It enables you to benefit from Zurich Insurance Assistance Services including emergency ambulance service to workplace, 7/24 consultancy services, locksmith service, water/electricity installation, glass breakage, etc…

    It provides coverage for the risks including accidents that may occur while the employees are in transit, occupational diseases, food poisoning, etc…

    * SME Liability Insurance is offered by Zurich Insurance Company. Please contact with the TEB Branch nearest to you to purchase this insurance.

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