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    My Workplace Insurance

    My Workplace Insurance is a comprehensive workplace insurance which protects you and your workplace.

    My Workplace Insurance provides insurance for you and your workplace under the following circumstances:

    • Fire, lightning, explosion, smoke,
    • Built-in water,
    • Storm,
    • Strike, lockout, riot, civil commotion, malicious acts,
    • Terrorism,
    • Landslide,
    • Vehicle collision (air, sea and land vehicles),
    • Snow weight,
    • Business interruption,
    • Debris removal,
    • Fire financial liability,
    • Loss of rent,
    • Alternative dwelling costs,
    • Glass breakage,
    • Theft,
    • Employer's financial liability,
    • Third-party liability,
    • Environmental Pollution,
    • Legal protection,
    • Disability as a result permanent impairment,
    • Zurich Insurance Assistance Services.

    Depending upon the preference, additional coverage can be provided for the following risks:

    • Earthquake,
    • Safe-Box (Fire and Theft),
    • Money transfer,
    • Electronic equipment,
    • Breach of Confidence,
    • Flood and torrent.

    * My Workplace Insurance is offered by Zurich Insurance Company. Please contact with the TEB Branch nearest to you to purchase this insurance package.

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