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    Corporate Internet Branch is Renewed 

    New Design

    We renewed our corporate internet branch design for your convenience. It became much more dynamic and useful.  
    With the new design, we also renewed our menus. You can now make your transactions more easily and practically. Below are summary of new functionalities:

    Quick Menu:

    You can add the most used menus to your Quick Menu. You can also arrange, add or delete the quick menü  items.


    When you enter the new corporate internet branch, you will see the assets. You can observe your deposit accounts on the graphic. You can also observe your liabilities by clicking the liabilities section. You can choose to see the graphic in numbers or in percentage.

    Cash Flow:

    By clicking on the cash flow section in the dashboard, you can observe your Daily/ weekly/ monthly cash flows on the graphic up to 2 months. You can choose different accounts or all accounts aggregated. 
    Also, we added a cash flow menu to accounts menu. You can download your cash flow in Excel format.


    If you are a POS merchant, you can observe merchant cash flow in the graphic in the dashboard.


    At the payments section of the dashboard, you can observe your last 5 invoice and tax payments for your convenience.


    You can observe your payments in the calendar. Automatic invoice payments, regular payments, time deposit returns, automatic card payments can easily be observed in the calendar. The payments done are shown in green, the payments not done yet are shown in red.

    Transaction Approvals:

    You can see the transactions waiting for approval on the Transaction Approval icon on the upper left of the menu.

    Search Box: 

    You can search for a Word in menu names and find the menus you search more easily.


    You can personalize your profile photo in the internet branch.


    You can see the campaigns in the Campaigns section.


    You can see the announcements in the Announcements section.

    New Properties in Tables:

    The tables now can be sorted and data can be searched within tables by search box.

    Number Format Change:

    From now on, the number format used in corporate internet branch is as follows:  10.200,50 TL (dot as a 1000 seperator, comma as a decimal separator)

    Live Chat:

    Whenever you need assistance, just click on the web chat banner and start a conversation. Our agents are ready to help you.

    Note About Browsers:

    You can use the new corporate internet branch best in these browsers:  Internet Explorer 8 and above, Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

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