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A profitable period starts for your business with TEB DCC POS Application!

2013-05-02 00:00:00

Now, with TEB DCC POS which enables your customers coming from abroad to make payment in their own currencies, the shoppings both for your customers and yourself are much more advantageous!

With TEB DCC POS application which enables the card holders coming from abroad to use their own currencies for the spendings they make with their foreign cards, the merchants shall have an opportunity to work with 0% commission rate on the next day. The cost of the application shall be reflected on the card holder’s statement; thus, the commission expense of the merchant shall be covered by the fee collected from the card holder.

In addition, when the card holder uses TEB DCC POS application, he/she makes shopping by being aware of the commission rate to be reflected on his/her statement during the transaction and pays the exchange rate difference at the time of shopping.  The spending amount of the card holder is reflected on his/her statement by the currency of his/her own country.