TEB Merchant Advantages

TEB Merchant Advantages

    TEB POS Credit

    A special loan for our merchants operating with blocked account. This special loan is extended to our merchants with favorable terms by using their proceeds waiting in the blocked account as collateral.  

    TEB POS Insurance

    In the event the POS machines are lost / stolen / damaged, the value of the POS shall be covered by the insurance.

    Digital Statement

    You can monitorize your merchant statements from CEPTETEB ISTE Mobile Application and Corporate Internet website.

    TEB Secure Payment Page

    It is a secure payment page for TEB Virtual POS merchants which do not have SSL certificate.

    POS Unblocking

    You can unblock the amounts up to 50.000.-TL in your blocked account from TEB Corporate Internet Branch instantly without the need to go to a branch.

    TEB Bonus Merchant

    An opportunity to earn Bonus and installments for all Bonus Cards through TEB POS machines! Our merchants have a chance to reach more than 6 million card holders who have an established Bonus brand loyalty.

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