DCC POS (Dynamic Currency Conversion)

    What is DCC POS?

    TEB DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) POS application is a payment solution which enables the card holders coming from abroad to use their own currencies for the spendings they make with their foreign cards.

    Who uses DCC POS?

    The target group expected to use TEB DCC POS application is tourists / customers using foreign cards.

    What does DCC POS do?

    TEB DCC POS application enables the customers to see their payment amounts at the point of payment, in their own currency and as how it would be reflected on their account statements. The application supports 12 different currency types*.

    *American Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), Pound (GBP), Japanese Yen (JPY), Russian Ruble (RUN), Australian Dollar (AUD), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Danish Krone (DKK), Norwegian Krone (NOK), Saudi Riyal (SAR), Swiss Franc (CHF), Romanian Lei (RON).

    How does DCC POS work?

    When the foreign card is read by DCC POS, the POS identifies both the country the card belongs and the currency types the card can conduct a transaction. If the currency is registered in DCC system, then the POS automatically converts the entered TL, USD, EURO or GBP amount into this currency and offers the payment option to the customer through the POS.

    DCC Transaction Flow

    1. When the foreign card is processed through the POS, the Currency Code (TL, USD, EURO, GBP) shall be selected (This step sets the currency of the transaction amount to be credited to the merchant’s account). 
    2. The transaction amount is entered.
    3. On the screen; whether the transaction shall be processed by DCC or not is asked (if the green button is selected, the transaction shall be carried out through DCC; however, if the red button is selected, the transaction shall be processed as a normal foreign transaction).
    4. The card holder accepts the application and enters his/her PIN code.
    5. The transaction is completed.
    6. The commission amount to be charged to the card holder, the exchange rate on the transaction date, and the amount equivalent to his/her own currency are indicated on the card slip for informative purposes.
    7. The entire amount of the transaction is credited to the merchant’s account on the next day in TL, EUR, USD or GBP.
    8. The amount is reflected to the card holder’s statement with commission.

    What are its advantages for the merchant?

    • The merchant who uses TEB DCC POS application shall have an opportunity to work with 0% commission rate on the next day for DCC transactions; and the cost of the application shall be reflected on the card holder’s statement. Thus, the commission expense of the merchant shall be covered by the fee collected from the card holder.
    • With TEB POS DCC service, your business place shall be preferred by your tourist customers.
    • The customers shall be able to see the amount to be reflected on their statements instantly and as being converted to their own currency; thus the objections to be made after the spending would be prevented.
    • The sales transactions to be processed through TEB DCC POS shall be reflected on the credit card statement account in TL, USD, EURO or GBP depending on the merchant’s preference.

    What are its advantages for the Card Holder?

    • A foreign card holder who does not use TEB DCC POS shall be charged an approximately 5% exchange rate difference for a standard foreign transaction. However; if the card holder uses TEB DCC POS application, he/she would know in advance how much commission to be charged and would have paid the exchange rate difference on the point of sale.
    • The spending amount of the card holder shall be reflected on his/her statement with the currency of his/her own country.
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