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Our Virtual POS Merchants are safe with 3D-Secure!

2011-01-27 00:00:00

By 3D-Secure, you, as a TEB Virtual POS merchant, can enable your customers to shop securely with all cards.  Thus, you can minimize your risk with this application which can be easily integrated into your current system.

The 3D-Secure is a system which was developed by Visa and MasterCard to enhance the security of shopping transactions made over the internet with credit cards. The 3D-Secure system can also be defined as the virtual shopping version of chip & PIN application used in face-to-face shoppings. 

In the 3D-Secure system, while the payment transaction is carried out over the internet, the bank asks the card holder to provide the password of the payment which is known only by him/her, so that the identity of the card holder is verified. Thus, the use of cards by unauthorized people in the internet environment is prevented. The identity of the card holder is checked by the password. This card holder identification process reduces both the counterfeiting and chargeback risks of e-commerce transactions in a significant manner.


  • The 3D-Secure system can be easily integrated to the existing system of your business.
  • It decreses online shopping fraud. Through the system’s secure structure, the number of fraudulent transactions falls and it enables to make guaranteed payment.
  • The card holder, while conducting the transaction, uses his/her 3D-Secure password and by this way he/she confirms him/herself as the real holder of that card. Thus, this reduces the possibility of any malicious use of E-Commerce transactions in a significant manner as well as their chargeback possibility as a spending dispute. Thereby, it enables the merchant to save the costs to be incurred as a result of spending disputes.
  • It increases the sales volume of online shoppings through customer confidence. A survey conducted by Visa on Germany, Spain and United Kingdom shows that the security provided by Verified by Visa® leads 84% of the people who do not shop online to make online shopping and 74% of people who do not shop online frequently to make more online shopping.

If the card which is used to make shopping has the 3D-Secure feature however the merchant does not have the 3D-Secure system, then any chargeback risk which may arise from the spending disputes shall be borne by the merchant. For this reason, our virtual POS merchants are required to operate with 3D-Secure.