POS Plus+

POS Plus+

    What is POS Plus+?

    It is our collection system for the companies making mail-order sales by credit cards which enables to make cash or installment sales to all domestic credit cards operating through TEB Corporate Internet Branch channel. 

    To which companies does POS Plus+ product best fit?

    • The main vendors that make sales to the dealers.
    • Insurance companies, training centers, private schools that make regular collections.
    • All companies that make installment sales with intense transaction volume.

    How POS Plus+ is used?

    You only need to enter and define the below given information to the Corporate Internet Branch just once.

    • Name-surname, title, card number information of your customers and their cards’ security codes and expiration dates.
    • Collection dates and amounts.

    Advantages of POS Plus+ Product

    • It would be sufficient to enter/define the dealer/customer information to the system just one-time.
    • When you will make a collection from a dealer/customer defined to the system before, you can select such dealer/customer among the existing dealers/customers and define the relevant cash or installment payment information. Thus, the operational burden arising from re-defining the dealer/customer information to the system for each collection is eliminated.
    • A reminder is sent to your dealer/customer on the payment date via an SMS or e-mail. For this, it would be sufficient to enter/define the mobile phone number or e-mail address of your dealers/customers to the system.
    • You can cancel your undue mail order instructions.
    • You can make a refund transaction for a mail order collection that was previously made.
    • You can access to the reportings related to the collections that were made and will be made.
    • The amounts collected from your customers’/dealers’ credit cards enrolled to the system are transferred to your account by a program defined to the system which runs automatically on each collection day. For the collections which cannot be collected due to any reason, the system re-runs on every hour throughout 1 month and tries to make the collection.

    TEB Bonus POS

    An opportunity of make payments in installments and earn bonus for all Bonus Cards.

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