Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about POS
    What are the advantages of being a merchant?
    • Reduces the risk of maintaining cash in your business place.
    • Eliminates the cash register shortage/overage problems arising from cash based sales.
    • Increase your customer base and turnover by enabling you to become the preferred place for the customers who do not prefer cash shopping.
    • Enables you to follow your cash-flow via your account with your Bank.
    • Enables your sales transactions to be conducted in an accurate and fast manner.
    • You can receive technical support 7-days a week 24-hours a day.
    How can I apply?

    Just to have a meeting with the Customer Representative in our branch nearest to you with the following document shall be sufficient.

    • If you are an individual company: tax plate, national ID card, signature declaration and chamber of commerce registration certificate, if exists.
    • If you are a commercial partnership: Establishment Trade Registry Gazette, national ID cards of the company shareholders, signature declaration, tax plate.
    Which of the merchant products should I use?

    To get the best suitable solution for your company and your needs, apply to the TEB Branch nearest to you. Our Customer Representatives will definitely offer you the solution that best suits you.


    What are the technical features of a POS machine?

    It weighs 465 gr and has 79mm x 180mm x 65mm dimensions and a 128 x 64 pixel graphic screen. It has a thermal printer which can print 15 lines per second. PIN entries can be made over the POS through the spiral cable. There is no need to use a PIN pad further.

    I need detailed information about how to use the POS Machine.

    You can benefit from our POS User Manual. Please click here for the POS User Manual. If you still need help for the use of POS machines, you can call 444 0 832 POS Support Line.

    What should I do when my POS machine has a failure/malfunction?

    You can call 444 0 832 POS Support Line. Our Technical Support Company will come to clear/remedy the failure/malfunction in the shortest time possible.

    What should I do when my POS machine is out of paper?

    You can make your paper request from our branch nearest to you, through 444 0 832 POS Support Line or an SMS by typing [PAPER] [MERCHANT NUMBER] or [MERCHANT NUMBER] [PAPER] and sending a short message to 4663. Your paper will be delivered to your address by our Technical Support Company as soon as possible.

    Through which cards can I conduct a transaction over the POS machine?

    You can conduct any transaction through all credit cards and bank cards having Visa logo and MasterCard logo.

    How long should I keep the transaction slips?

    How long should I keep the transaction slips?

    At what kind of environment I should keep the slips?

    The slips must be kept in a cool, dry and dark atmosphere in order to protect the letters/texts against being erased over time. A continuous exposure to light shall deteriorate the readability of the letters/texts. The slips must not be left in open areas especially in business places that sell chemical products such as fuel stations.

    Why keeping the slips is mandatory?

    In case of any customer objection, our Spending Dispute Service will ask the slip copy from you. If you fail to provide the requested slip copy, you will lose your chance to prove the spending; thereby the objected spending amount shall be collected from your company.


    What is the end-of-day procedure?

    The end-of-day procedure is a process which enables all business transactions from the current day to be transferred collectively to our Bank and to make their account recordings.

    Do I have to perform the end-of-day procedure on the POS machine at the end of each day?

    If you do not perform the end-of-day procedure at the end of the days you conducted transactions, this may lead to delays at the amounts to be credited to your account. For this reason, you must perform the end-of-day procedure for the days you conducted transactions through the POS machine.

    How the end-of-day is processed on the POS machine?

    Press the button number 3 and enter the end-of-day menu. The POS machine first asks for an approval with “CONTINUE THE END-OF-DAY?” message to run the end-of-day. Approve this message by pressing the enter button. Type your password and take the end-of-day report. Your end-of-day report can be printed in two separate formats depending on your choose either as a detailed report or as a summary report.

    What is the automatic end-of-day procedure?

    It is a process that your POS machine automatically calls your Bank on a predefined time from the center and performs the end-of-day procedure. The POS machine can perform the end-of-day provided that a financial transaction must have been conducted during the day, the merchant did not perform the end-of-day procedure and the POS machine is able to operate effectively (it must have electricity and line connections).

    How can I cancel the automatic end-of-day procedure?

    Having an automatic end-of-day procedure set on your POS machine does not prevent you to perform the end-of-day procedure. If you wish, you can run the end-of-day by yourself. When you run the end-of-day, your POS machine shall not perform the end-of-day automatically. We do not recommend you to cancel your Automatic End-of-Day definition in case you forget to perform the end-of-day procedure. If you definitely wish to cancel your Automatic End-of-Day definition, you can call 444 0 832 POS Support Line and submit your request.

    How can I change the Automatic End-of-Day time of my POS device?

    If you wish to change the time when the Automatic End-of-Day is performed, you can call 444 0 832 POS Support Line and submit your request.


    Which are controls needed to be performed during the transaction?

    Whether there is any destruction on the card, whether the card has passed its expiration date, whether the first four digits number embossed on the front side of the card is identical with the four digits located directly beneath it, whether the dove hologram of VISA exists on the front side of VISA credit cards and the world hologram of MasterCard on the front side of MasterCard credit cards.

    For the physical security features of the credit cards with Visa and MasterCard logo, please click here.

    Which controls are needed to be performed after the transaction?

    The card number on the sales slip printed by the POS machine and the number on the front side of the card must match. The ID information of the customer and the name information printed on the card must match. The customer signature on the sales slip and the signature on the signature panel on the back of the card must match.

    In which situations should I suspect that the customer uses fake cards?

    Common characteristics of people who use fake cards:

    • They generally carry the fake cards not in their wallets but in their shirt pockets or pants pockets.
    • They hold more than one card in their hands.
    • They generally use accessories such as glasses/ sun-glasses, hats/caps, etc. to partially cover their faces.
    • They talk too much during the shopping and are in contact with the owner of the merchant continuously.
    • They have detailed knowledge about the product they will purchase.
    • They quickly leave the merchant after the shopping and the card authorization are completed.
    • If the card is not authorized, they would like to use the other card they hold in their hands. If they do not have a second credit card in their hands, they leave the merchant very quickly by pretending to bring a new credit card.
    What should I do if I suspect that the customer uses fake cards?

    For each situation you are suspicious or when you receive a Lost/Stolen Card or an Invalid Card message, you should contact with our Bank by placing a “CODE 10” authorization request. You can call our “Product Security” division from 444 0 832 POS Support Line or 0216 635 35 35 phone line.

    What is “CODE 10” message?

    When the company representative suspects the customer who wished to use the card; “Code 10” is a special security code which enables him/her to get information about the card from our Bank without alerting the customer. It would be sufficient for the merchant to call our Bank’s “Product Security Division” and say “I have a CODE 10 message”. The merchant can receive information about the card from our Bank by using the relevant password without alerting the customer who wishes to use the card. However, the company representative must call our Bank for CODE 10 Message while keeping the card in question in his/her hand. During the CODE 10 message, the card number in the hands of the merchant and the security features on the card shall be checked by the personnel of our Product Security Division.

    What should I do when I receive the Lost/Stolen Card message?

    If you receive a lost or stolen card message for the card of which your customer wishes to use for the payment; then you can retain the card without creating any risk for yourself and getting into any physical or verbal discussion with the card holder. Please send the retained card to your Branch. You will be rewarded for the Loss/Stolen Cards by our Bank.

    What is 3D-Secure System and what are its advantages?

    The 3D-Secure is a system which was developed by Visa and MasterCard to enhance the security of shopping transactions made over the internet with credit cards. The 3D-Secure system can also be defined as the virtual shopping version of chip & PIN application used in face-to-face shoppings.

    In the 3D-Secure system, while the payment transaction is carried out over the internet, the bank asks the card holder to provide the password of the payment which is known only by him/her, so that the identity of the card holder is verified. Thus, the use of cards by unauthorized people in the internet environment is prevented. The identity of the card holder is checked by the password. This card holder identification process reduces both the counterfeiting and chargeback risks of e-commerce transactions in a significant manner.

    Benefits of the 3D-Secure System for the Merchant
    • The 3D-Secure system can be easily integrated to the existing system of your business.
    • It decreses online shopping fraud. Through the system’s secure structure, the number of fraudulent transactions falls and it enables to make guaranteed payment.
    • The card holder, while conducting the transaction, uses his/her 3D-Secure password and by this way he/she confirms him/herself as the real holder of that card. Thus, this reduces the possibility of any malicious use of E-Commerce transactions in a significant manner as well as their chargeback possibility as a spending dispute. Thereby, it enables the merchant to save the costs to be incurred as a result of spending disputes.
    • It increases the sales volume of online shoppings through customer confidence. A survey conducted by Visa on Germany, Spain and United Kingdom shows that the security provided by Verified by Visa® leads 84% of the people who do not shop online to make online shopping and 74% of people who do not shop online frequently to make more online shopping.

    If the card which is used to make shopping has the 3D-Secure feature however the merchant does not have the 3D-Secure system, then any chargeback risk which may arise from the spending disputes shall be borne by the merchant. For this reason, our virtual POS merchants are required to operate with 3D-Secure.


    How can I create a POS application by an SMS?

    For TEB POS application, it would be sufficient to type POS and send a short message to 4663. Our merchant who made the application will be contacted through the mobile phone number of which the short message is sent in the shortest time possible.

    How can I create a paper request by an SMS?

    It would be sufficient to type [PAPER] [MERCHANT NUMBER] or [MERCHANT NUMBER] [PAPER] and send a short message to 4663. 10 pieces of paper delivery request is made with a single message. The maximum message to be sent for a paper delivery request is 5 in a day.

    How can I create a service/machine failure request by an SMS?

    If your POS machine gets out of order/broken, you can make a notification by an SMS. We will direct your technical service team to your address after your norification. For your service request, it would be sufficient to type [SERVICE] [MERCHANT NUMBER] and send a short message to 4663./p>

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