Chip & PIN Transactions

TEB POS Chip & PIN Transactions

    What is Chip & PIN?

    Chip & PIN is a payment method designed to prevent credit card duplication and the risk of being lost or stolen. In this application, the chip on the credit card minimizes its dublication risk. Four-digit code (PIN), on the other hand, prevents the card being used by others in case it is lost or stolen.

    Using Chip & PIN
    1. Insert the credit card into the POS machine

    According to the POS type, insert the card into the chip reader as the chip part facing towards you and remaining inside the POS machine. If you conduct the transaction by a magnetic stripe reader, the POS machine shall direct you to the chip reader.

    1. Enter the sales amount and ask the customer to enter his/her PIN code into the POS machine or the PINPAD.

    The customer should type his/her PIN number in person. The PIN must not be entered by any other person other than the customer and no help to enter the PIN code should be offered to the customer. Thereafter, follow the instructions given on the screen. The POS machine will lead you step by step.

    1. Do not remove the card from the POS machine throughout the transaction

    Remember; the chip card must remain inside the chip reader until the transaction is completed. Otherwise, the transaction shall be interrupted and it has to be repeated from the beginning.

    1. The transaction is completed
    Remove the card from the reader. If your slip copy has a signature panel, get is signed to the customer; if not, then return the card together with the customer copy of the sales slip to the customer.
    Things That Need Attention
    1. Chip Card Transactions:

    Always process a chip card transaction through the chip reader of the POS machine. If you try to conduct a magnetic stripe transaction with a chip card, the POS machine shall warn you. Insert the chip card facing towards you into the POS machine and follow the transaction steps. DO NOT REMOVE THE CARD FROM THE POS MACHINE UNTIL YOU ARE INSTRUCTED TO DO SO.Otherwise the transaction shall be interrupted and you will be asked to repeat it from the beginning.

    1. The PIN code is personal and confidential:

    Do never ask the PIN code of the customer. Always try to say “Please insert your PIN” rather than asking “Do you know your PIN?”. Even if the card holder requests you to enter his/her PIN code for him/her, you should not accept this request. Get the POS machine closer to the card holder to enable him/her to type his/her PIN code securely. Inform your company staff that the card holder should not be asked for his/her PIN code and he/she should be able to enter his/her PIN code in a secure manner.

    1. If the card holder does not know his/her PIN?

    In such a case, you can conduct a magnetic stripe transaction without a PIN code by pressing the relevant button on the POS machine. Since the transaction is conducted without entering the PIN code, the sales slip to be printed by the POS machine at the end of the transction must be signed by the card holder. This application is just a temporary application and the PIN code shall be asked for all chip card transactions when it is terminated.

    1. 4. If the POS machine fails to read the chip card:

    In the event the chip of the card is broken/damaged or not functioning or the POS machine fails to read the card; the POS machine shall give a warning sign and direct you to conduct a magnetic stripe transaction. In such a case, you would give up a more secure method and for this reason, when you conduct a magnetic stripe transaction, do never forget to get the signature of the card holder on the sales slip printed by the POS machine. If the screen displays no change when you insert the chip card into the POS machine, then the chip may be forged or a chip-looking picture may be sticked on the card (you can notice by hand-checking); and in such a situation, apply “Code 10” procedure.

    If you are suspicious of an intentional damage made to the chips of the chip cards which is beyond the normal wear of its use, do never conduct any transaction.

    If the chip reader of the POS machine has any failure/malfunction, you should call 0216 635 65 10 and inform the relevant person about the problem.

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