CEPTETEB Security Applications

CEPTETEB Security Applications



    1. Transaction Password

    In the money transfer transactions conducted through CEPTETEB, and depending on the preference of the customer; the PIN code set by the customer is asked to the customer at the end of the transaction (PIN code is not asked to our customers using Mobile Signature and TEB Screen Card, and the affirmation of the transaction shall be conducted by the existing techniques). If the customer enters the PIN code correctly, the transaction is conducted; however, if the PIN code is entered incorrectly or not being entered, the transaction is not concluded, thereby any possible fraudulent transaction would be prevented.

    2. One-Time Login Password Applications

    In order to conduct the banking transactions in a more secure manner; you have to enter your one-time password which you obtained by one of the following methods after your user code and password each time you login to CEPTETEB. One-time password generates a new personal password for every login and these passwords can never be used by the relevant customer or by any other person again. Thus, you can login to CEPTETEB from anywhere you wish in a secure manner.

    One-Time SMS Password

    In order to conduct the banking transactions in a more secure manner; a new and single use password is sent to your mobile phone number registered in TEB by SMS each time you login to CEPTETEB.  The password sent by SMS is valid for 3 minutes and when this period is exceeded, it becomes invalid and prevents the login.

    Mobile Practical Password

    It is a security program which is installed on your mobile phone to generate one-time password by Mobile Practical Password application.  In addition, iPhone users can also install CEPTETEB to their devices, activate the Mobile Practical Password and login to TEB Internet Branch in a secure manner.

    TEB Screen Card

    You can generate one-time password and ensure your security without the need for any additional tool. Please click here for detailed information.

    Mobile Signature

    With Turkcell Mobile Signature, you can conduct your transactions with single use password from anywhere, anytime and in the most secure manner; and exceed the protection guaranteed by Law. Please click here for detailed information.


    Our users who login to CEPTETEB first time with their iPhone devices are asked to generate 6-digit PIN code which will be used again for their further logins to CEPTETEB application. In their subsequent logins to CEPTETEB; our customers can easily conduct their banking transactions by entering this PIN code to the new window that popup after the user name and password. Besides, this PIN information, depending on the customer’s preference, is also asked in money transfers.

    3. Password

    Login to CEPTETEB is made with user code, password and pin. The user code and password shall be entered to the home page and the pin shall be entered to the new screen appearing thereupon.

    4. Security Message / Security Picture

    It is a personal message and picture application used first time in Turkey. By means of this application; when the customer logs in with his/her user code and password, he/she can check his/her own picture and message appearing on the screen before entering his/her single use password; thereby he/she can ensure that he/she is actually connected to CEPTETEB.

    5. Instant Notification

    For all fund transfer transactions to be made at or higher than the amount designated by the customer, a notification message will be sent to the customer’s mobile phone and/or e-mail address registered in the system; thereby the customer will be immediately notified about the transaction being conducted. 

    For Your Security in TEB Internet Branch

    The techniques of fraud change and improve depending on time and technology. Nowadays, fake e-mails that appear to have been sent from various banks and financial institutions spread rapidly on the internet. Through the links included in these e-mails, you are asked to enter/provide your personal details, card information and their PIN numbers and the Internet Branch passwords. These types of acts are phishing attempts made from internet. Do never reply to these e-mails and do never enter/provide the information requested.
    TEB never allows PIN transactions to be performed via e-mail and never asks for customers' personal information by e-mail.
    When you wish to use TEB Internet Branch, please only type www.teb.com.tr to the address bar of your browser.

    When you wish to use CEPTETEB, please only type wap.teb.com.tr to the address bar of your browser.
    For detailed information about the fraud methods, please click here

    Please click here to get information about the precautions taken against this type of phishing attempts by TEB.
    For the security of CEPTETEB Mobile Banking
    • Do never disclose your personal information such as your Internet Branch User Code, Password and PIN to third parties. Do not maintain this information in a written form.
    • By considering that it would be easier for you to remember; do not use/set your name, surname, birth date, phone number, etc. as your password. These can be easily guessed.


    • Make sure that you change your password periodically.
    • TEB employees never ask you to disclose your pin code or password. If you face with such a request, please call 444 0 666 and inform us about the situation.


    • If you have concerns that you have extraordinary movements in your account, please contact with TEB through 444 0 666 TEB Phone Banking.
    If the SIM Card of your mobile phone is blocked outside of your knowledge, please immediately contact with your mobile service provider and with TEB by calling 444 0 666 TEB Phone Banking.
    For the security of your cell phone
    • Ensure that there is an up-to-date anti-virus program installed on your cell phone. Anti-virus programs protect your system against the known viruses and potential attacks.  Anti-virus programs must be updated regularly and must be kept especially active when downloading files from the internet.
    • Having an installed personal firewall system on your computer is also a positive factor for your security. The firewall prevents the files or information in your computer to be sent to another user outside of your knowledge as well as any remote access to your computer.
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