Local Privileges

Local Privileges


    Personal Customer Representative 

    Your customer relations manager helps you with his/her market knowledge and experience in increasing the value of your savings and in determining your investment strategy necessary to achieve your financial goals that are suitable for your risk perception, requirements and expectations.

    TEB Yıldız Line 

    When you call TEB Yıldız Line (444 0 766), you can instantly access to TEB Call Center agent without waiting. You can perform your banking transactions at any hour of the day by calling TEB Yıldız Line.

    Dedicated Daily Market Bulletin

    You can follow up the market developments via TEB Yıldız Banking Market Bulletin prepared specifically for our Yıldız Banking customers, containing economic developments and sent via e-mail every day. 

    The Priority is Yours at the Branches

    The priority is always at you while performing transactions at our branches; If you are one of our Yıldız Bankingcustomers, you can have your transactions performed easily and quickly without waiting in the queue at the branch.

    Our Savings and Accumulations

    You may use a wide range of deposit and investment products, investment funds, insurance products and loan products offered to you and suitable to your risk perception.
    With Fırsat Account, do not miss the investment opportunities in the market! Invest your savings in a daily time-deposit account, deposit money to your account at any time you wish*, withdraw money from your Fırsat Account whenever you wish to invest in different investment products*, and do not miss the investment opportunities in the market. Please click here for detailed information.

    Special Cash Withdrawal Limit at ATMs

    Your ATM Daily cash withdrawal limit is 3.000 TL.

    Commission Advantages 

    If you are a Yıldız Banking customer, you also benefit from reduced fees and commissions. 

    Loan Advantages For You

    You can utilize vehicle loans under special conditions for you at the contracted dealers of prestigious brands.
    You can utilize Home Loans with attractive terms; and can repay your loan by creating your repayment plan that you prefer. You may also get informed earlier about the prestigious housing projects and may own a house by utilizing a home loan with special advantages offered to you.

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