Salary Payments

Salary Payments | Corporate

    As per the agreements between TEB and the firms, TEB channels the salary residue accumulated in the accounts of the employees to smart investments in addition to providing the employees with salary payment services through its ATM network.

    In this service of TEB, demand deposit account is opened for employees declared by the firms and these employees are provided with Debit Card enabling them to reach their demand deposit accounts through ATM machines.

    Primary advantages of our salary payments service are given below:

    Regardless of holidays and working hours it allows the employees of the firms could have their salaries in 7 days and 24 hours wherever they are in Turkey.

    When the employees do not have the adequate amount of balance in their accounts, they could make use of overdraft accounts which are provided to our depositors by our bank.

    It saves the corporations and institutions from such troubles as time loss, cash availability requirement, theft risk, improper payment which could occur in salary payment days due to manual payment.

    If you also want to pay the salaries of the employees in your firm under TEB assurance, all you need is to visit the nearest TEB Branch of yours.  

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