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    POS is at MOBILE - TEB CEPPOS is at TEB!

    TEB CEPPOS, as a new product of TEB Cash Management, has been awarded the Bronze Stevie Award in the category of “The Best New Product or Service of the Year” within the scope of International Business Awards (Stevie Awards).

    Mobile phones are not only used for voice calls and text messaging for a while. With the internet access, they start serving us as mini-computers. TEB Cash Management has achieved a first in the world and integrated POS device feature to cell phones without using any additional apparatus. TEB CEPPOS is an innovative product offered by TEB Cash Management to the companies making field-sales. It enables the sales representatives to make collection through credit cards that operate with cell phones and mobile portable terminal devices.

    TEB CEPPOS provides great convenience and offers advantages for the sales and collection processes of your company in its widespread domestic sales network. During your sales and collection processes carried with your sales representatives, it enables to make collections from the credit cards of your customers through “cell phones or portable terminal devices” of your sales representatives without any need to have a Mobile POS machine. It allows your customers to make their payments by a credit card either with “advance, or flexible terms, or installment options” instead of using other payment tools such as cash payment, cheques and notes.

    With the TEB CEPPOS that operates in cell phones; it is possible to make collection with a credit card through the cell phones that support internet access.

    For the TEB CEPPOS that operates in portable terminal devices; it can be integrated with your company’s sales automation program whereby invoice, product and customer-based credit card collection transactions can be carried within the automation. If desired, data transference to ERP system can also be achieved.

    Why do companies prefer TEB MobilePOS?

    • It does not create an extra device burden for the sales representatives.
    • It operates with all cell phones and portable terminal devices.
    • Sales and collections carried out in the field can be tracked online from the head office of the company.
    • It is integrated with the sales automation program.
    • It can integrate the collection data into the accounting system.
    • The cash flow can be carried out in a planned manner.
    • It removes the collection process costs and POS rental charges.

    For more detailed information about MobilePOS, you can send an e-mail to cash.management@teb.com.tr or can talk with the cash management officers by calling 444 0 832 (TEB).

    How is it used?

    • Sales representatives who will use MobilePOS are defined and authorized through TEB Corporate Internet Banking by the authorized person in the head office of the company.
    • If preferred, retail sales points’ credit card information to be used for the payments which they will made to the parent company can be recorded over the mail order forms by the authorized company representative through TEB Corporate Internet Banking in a secure manner. 
    • When the Sales Representative visits the retail sales points for sale; he/she gives information to debit the sales amount either in cash, deferred or with installments by selecting among the retail point’s credit cards of which their details are hidden in MobilePOS. 
    • A one-time password is sent to the card holder by MobilePOS and he/she is asked to approve the payment.
    • When the card holder enters one-time password to MobilePOS, the payment is affected. If the card holder’s approval is not obtained, the payment transaction cannot be affected.
    • Credit card collections are transferred to the system on invoice and customer basis through a practical and secure process without any need for a POS machine.

    Security of the information transfer in MobilePOS has been achieved at the highest level. As to the security steps for the implementation, sales representatives who get connected to MobilePOS through their cell phones by the password are able to access to the system by entering the special code of the customer used in the company.  Furthermore, transactions are not performed without the card holders’ one-time password entry. Thus, in the event the cell phone is lost / stolen, third party access to MobilePOS cannot be possible. Moreover, collection information entered by the sales representative during the sales activity can be tracked real-time; and if desired, the powers of the sales representative can be cancelled from the head office of the company.

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