Money Transfer Solutions

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Firmaniz İcin Teb Otomatik Eft Havale Programi

Automatic EFT/Remittance Program

You can conduct your money transfer transactions easily through remittance between the accounts in TEB and through EFT to other bank accounts in Turkey.

Firmaniz İcin Sirketler İcin Swift

SWIFT for companies

SWIFT Alliance Lite is a low-cost and user-friendly SWIFT application that companies can use for their access to SWIFT network without incurring any infrastructure investment cost.

Global Hesap Yonetimi

Global Account Management

Firmaniz İcin Swift Mesajlarinin Bildirimi

Notification of SWIFT Messages

With a single instruction, all MT 103 SWIFT Messages incoming to your account and all MT103, MT202, MT400, MT430, MT707, MT730, MT700, MT701 SWIFT messages generated for transactions made from your accounts can be delivered to your e-mail address.

  Sayfa: 1/1  Ürün Sayısı: 4