Financial Services

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Firmaniz İcin Krediler


Cash Loans and Non-Cash Loans

Firmaniz İcin Kartlar


You can spend on behalf your company in your country and abroad in a secure manner with the cards we offer exclusively for you.

Firmaniz İcin Kamu Finansmani

Public Finance

We offer solutions that serve the financing and collection needs of the local authorities.

Firmaniz İcin Teb Faktoring

TEB Factoring

TEB Factoring is a member of FCI-Factors Chain International which is the most important factoring organization in the world and offers qualified factoring solutions for your needs in your domestic and foreign transactions.

Firmaniz İcin Teb Leasing

TEB Leasing

TEB Leasing, which has offered new products to the Turkish Leasing Market by means of the knowledge and experience of BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions, supports your investments through its financial leasing services.

Firmaniz İcin Teb Arval

TEB Arval

TEB Arval benefits from the expertise and experience of Arval which is a subsidiary of BNP Paribas Group, and protects you against unforeseen cash-flow affects by taking over all risks from purchasing and maintenance processes to sales.

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