Installment Direct Debiting System


    New service in TEB for companies who want to sell in installments but receive their collection by cash!

    By using the Direct Debiting System on an installment basis, you could enter your invoices in TL, EUR and USD in installments. While the invoices are being paid by your dealers and customer in installments, you could make your collections in cash which have been discounted by TEB.

    Direct Debiting System in Installments

    In Direct Debiting System in Installments, you could make an installment plan for your receivables from your dealers, distributors or customers by entering the defined number of installments to the system by your company’s authorized person.

    Discounted DDS

    You could assign your deferred invoices in TL, EUR and USD to our bank and you could utilize discount credit for these invoices.

    Steps of the Process:

    • Discount request is submitted to the branch and then the branch takes the required approvals and creates the credit conditions.
    • Discount request is claimed for your invoices in TL, EUR or USD by preparing an instruction either via Corporate Internet Banking or manually.
    • The invoices for which the discount credit is needed are selected and assigned to the bank.
    • Assignment Agreement and credit instruction are prepared automatically by the system. After finalizing the authorized signatures of the company, it is submitted to the branch.
    • Your receivables in installments will be transferred to your account on the same day. Collection follow-up process will be totally assigned to TEB.

    For further information in cash management products, you could send an e-mail to or  talk with our cash management experts by calling 444 0 832 (TEB).

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