Merchandise Insurance


    It provides coverage for the merchandise being transported by land, sea and air ways against damages caused by colliding, crashing, fire, explosion, transfer, unloading process, within the limits specified in the policy. Depending upon prefence, it also provides coverage against Warehouse Waiting Period, Transfer, Start-up Shipment, Ending Shipment, War and Strike risks.

    • All Risks Insurance (All-Inclusive Coverage): It provides protection against damages for the period starting from its departure from the warehouse of exit to its delivery to the warehouse of arrival. Loading, unloading and partial damages are also included in the coverage.
    • Limited Scope Insurance: It is an insurance which provides protection for the merchandise being transported and the vehicle transporting it against damages resulting from a risk that they might face together. Cargo theft, water damage and leakega risks are not under coverage in this insurance.
    • Total Loss Insurance: It provides protection in case when the merchandise and its transport vehicle are totally damaged and become unusable together.
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