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    KOSGEB Support Loans

    KOSGEB offers a number of credit programs at various times to support SMEs. The content and conditions of these credit programs may vary depending on their subject matters.  We, as TEB, mediate SME Support Loans being provided by KOSGEB. The enterprises willing to benefit from these credit programs are required to register in the KOSGEB database in the first place.

    1- How can you register to KOSGEB Database?
    Please click here for details about how to register in the database.

    2- If you are registered in the database, how can you update your information?
    Once registered to KOSGEB database, you are required to control and update your data by clicking the link “Business Status Inquiry” in KOSGEB main website.  

    You can make an inquiry by simply entering required information into the window that is being opened. If “Can the business apply for KOSGEB loans?” field comes “YES” as a result of the inquiry, then it means that your SME Declaration is up-to-date.

    If SME Declaration needs to be updated as a result of the inquiry, please click here for details about how to fill out SME Declaration.

    You can obtain detailed information about the credit programs and KOSGEB registration process from TEB Branch nearest to you.

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