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    Jewellery Package Insurance

    Now, the wholesalers, retailers and suppliers of the jewellery sector can insure all their risks including the products, workplace and carriers with a single policy through the Jewellery Package Insurance.

    The privileges offered by the Jewellery Package Insurance:

    • Opportunity for the companies operating in the jewellery sector to get all the goods such as gold, silver, etc. they use in their commercial activities under insurance with a single policy.
    • Opportunity to insure all risks which may occur in travels made for commercial purposes.
    • In case there exists no secure safe-box in the workplace, an opportunity to insure all risks which may occur when the goods taken under insurance are maintained out of the workplace outside the business hours.
    • Opportunity to insure the risks which may occur during delivery of the goods.
    • Opportunity to insure the goods that are consigned to the insuree for safekeeping which may be used for commercial purpose.
    • Opportunity to insure the damages that may occur as a result of the insuree’s employees’ breach of trust. 
    • Opportunity to insure the existing fixtures in the insured location.
    • Opportunity to insure losses that may occur due to terror and earthquake risks.
    • Alternative installment options varying 1 to 12 depending on the preference.
    • You can obtain detailed information from all TEB Branches and make your preliminary application.

    Gold Support Line

    For detailed information on Gold Banking products, you can call the phone number 444 0 667.

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