Arena Zero-Interest Technology Loan

Arena Zero-Interest Technology Loan | Tradesman

    Arena Zero Interest Technology Loan

    SMEs who meet their companies’ technology needs from Arena Computer turn out to be protitable. They benefit from interest-free shopping advantage with flexible maturity options up to 12-months through “TEB Zero Interest Rate Technology Loan” that is available for purchases of technology products.

    An Investment from TEB and Arena Computer both to the Dealer and the End-User!

    If you are an owner of a computer dealer business, you can benefit from this loan for the good purchases you will make from Arena Computer. On top of that, your customers can also benefit from TEB Zero Interest Technology Loan in their purchases and meet their technology needs with this unique facility. Your loan’s fertility will increase further by the happiness of your customer.

    What are the advantages?

    • You can make your good purchases with a longer tenor and with a lower deferred interest up to 12 months. 
    • You can reduce your currency risk by borrowing in TL instead of foreign currency.
    • You can purchase goods without fully utilizing your limits with Arena Computer and submitting any cheques or notes.
    • You do not face with collection problems in your end user sales.

    “TEB Zero Interest Technology Loan” with these facilities exists in nowhere else!
    For detailed information, you may call 444 0 667.

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