Shipping Insurances

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Merchandise Insurance

It provides coverage for the merchandise being transported by land, sea and air ways against damages caused by colliding, crashing, fire, explosion, transfer, unloading process, within the limits specified in the policy.

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Value Insurance

Specie Insurance provides coverage for the valuable items like bills, notes, cheques, securities and similar valuable documents, papers and coins, foreign currency, gold and silver that are owned and maintained by real and legal people, against damages that may occur whilst being transported by land, sea and air-ways.

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Boat Insurance

The boat owner can insure his insurable interest against all kinds of marine hazards (storm, collision, sinking and shipwrecks), fire, barratry, strike, lockout, disorder, civil commotion and war risks.

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Carrier Liability Insurance

It covers the international highway transport companies’ financial liabilities related to the carriages they made within the terms and limits specified in the policy.

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