Medical Malpractice Liability Insurance

Medical Malpractice Liability Insurance | Corporate

    Medical Malpractice Mandatory Financial Liability Insurance indemnifies the compensation claims to be made against the physicians and surgeons, dentists and those qualified as an expert in medical speciality act, who work freelance or in public or private health institutions and organizations; and the personnel entitled to provide medical service to the patients in the health institutions and organizations, clinics and other places owned by private legal people and whose powers and responsibilities are determined by the Ministry of Health; due to any error and omissions in their professional services provided to the patients while performing their occupation and which result in an injury to the patient, further worsening in his health condition or the loss of his life;

    • 4 different occupational risk categories determined according to the fields of expertise, 
      TL 300.000 fixed coverage,
    • Compensation claim can be made within 2 years after the insurance contract expiration date,
    • Risk realization 1-year before the insurance start date is under coverage.
    • No-claims discount opportunity.
    * Medical Malpractice Mandatory Financial Liability Insurance is offered by Zurich Insurance Company. Please contact with the TEB Branch nearest to you to purchase this insurance.
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