What is UniversiTEB?

A banking service from TEB that will make universitians’ lives easier!

A convenience banking service by TEB: UniversiTEB addresses all your needs!

What’s in UniversiTEB for you?

  • First of all, it has UniversiTEB Bonus Card!
  • It also has special offers, campaigns!
  • It also has Free banking!
  • And an insurance product designed just for you. Not any insurance though, check out what benefits it exclusively offers for you!
  • You are a tenant? It has the Tenant Package that offers you exemption from rent payment transaction charges!
  • You are a bill-payer? It has the Automatic bill payment instruction feature!
  • You have a minot amount of savings, which you would like to turn in to account? It has B Type Liquid Fund!
  • It has Education Loan and even Master’s Degree Program Loan!

TEB also offers;

  • Akılfikir campus, an social networking application for career planning, training and professional entrepreneurism!
  • Internship and job opportunities !

Just click here to apply for UniversiTEB!

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