Vegetative Product Insurance

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    Vegetative Product Insurance

    Scope of Insurance Cover and the Insured Risks:

    Vegetative Product Insurance is provided for vegetative products and is made available with 2 packagaes:

    Hail Package: It covers all risks caused by Hail, Storm, Tornado, Fire, Earthquake, Landslide, Flood and Torrent.

    Frost Package: In addition to all risks covered by the hail package, it additionally covers the frost risk.

    Premium Payments:

    In Vegetative Product Insurance, 50% of the premium indicated in the insurance policy will be paid by the Government.  25% of the premium payable by the insuree will be collected in advance; and the remaining premium amount will be collected within 1 month at the end of the harvest at the latest.

    Damage Claims

    Within the scope of Vegetative Product Insurance, damage claims are made to TARSIM either directly or through our branches within 5 business days at the latest. 

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