Investment Loans

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Agricultural Project Loan

Come to TEB and realize your gift-supported project in an easy manner. Use Agricultural Project Loan with suitable interest rate and repayment conditions.

Diary Cattle Breeding

It is a loan extended to the diary farmers, who have an existing farm or will establish a new farm, for the purpose of financing the construction and renovation of an animal shelter and the purchasing of diary cattle and equipment.

Animal Husbandry

It is a loan extended for the purpose of financing the construction and renovation of an carnivorous animal shelter and the relevant machine and equipment needs of the companies.

Greenhouse Cultivation Loan

TEB offers this credit facility to our farmers wishing to make a greenhouse investment or to make a renovation in their existing greenhouses.

Land Purchase and Company Acquisition

If you want to purchase a new land or acquire all shares of a proprietorship land or want to own an established company, then the financing you need is available with TEB.

Modern Pressurized Irrigation Systems

The financing you need for your pressurized irrigation system facility to be made for the purpose of increasing the production efficiency of your investment is available with TEB.

Tractor Loan

We offer loans with suitable interest rates and conditions for the purpose of financing the tractor acquisitions of the businesses to support the mechanization of their activities.

Machinery – Equipment Loan

The credit support which you need for all your agricultural purpose machinery and equipment purchases is ready at TEB.

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