Harman Card

Harman Card | Farmer


    Now in TEB, you have a card which meets all your agricultural needs, including seeds, fertilizers, gasoline and feedstuffs. With TEB Harman Card, you can purchase your needs with favorable conditions, make your payments from one harvest to another harvest and take an easy breath through its other advantages.

    Advantages of Harman Card:

    • Possibility to procure your agricultural production needs from our contracted member merchants,
    • Shopping with “zero” interest rate up to 6 months in our member merchants  participated at the campaign,
    • Cash advance withdrawal up to your full limit from our ATMs,
    • Maturity dates that suit to the harvest/revenue period,
    • Payment flexibility from different payment points.

    For the loan application;

    • Farmer Registration System certificate or other documents confirming your agricultural production,
    • Photocopy of the identity card,
    • Certificate of residence,
    • Documents related to your collaterals (Surety information/title deed photocopies/vehicle pledge, etc.)
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