1- Opening and formation of the Presiding Board, composed of a Chairman, two vote collectors and two secretaries,

2- Granting authorization to the Presiding Board for signing the meeting minutes,

3- Reading, discussion and approval of the Auditor’s Report and Board of Directors Activity Report for the year 2010, prepared in accordance with the Legislation,

4- Reading, discussion and approval of the 2010 balance sheet and profit and loss statement, and approval, amendment or rejection of the Board of Directors’ proposal on the distribution of profit, discussion of proposals related to the same,

5- Reading of the summary of the annual audit report prepared by the Independent Audit Firm, and approval of the Independent Audit Firm appointed by the Board of Directors for approving and auditing of the 2010 financial statements,

6- Providing information to the General Assembly on the donations made by the Bank in 2011,

7- Release of the members of the Board of Directors and Auditors with respect to their activities in 2010,

8- Determination of term of office and election of the members of the Board of Directors and Auditors,

9- Determination of remuneration and attendance fees to be paid to the Board of Directors and Credit Committee and Auditors,

10- Granting permission to the members of the Board of Directors for performance of the transactions set forth in articles 334-335 of the Turkish Commercial Code.

Quick Facts

Turkey's 1st Solar Branch
TEB became the author of another first. The first bank branch that uses solar energy for all its energy need provides service in İstanbul.

Turkey's 1st Solar Mobile ATM
Turkey's 1st Solar Mobile ATM, which is a first in banking sector, started to give service to our customers in 2010.

TEB Environment Club for Employees
The Club was created in order to raise TEB employees' awareness for environment, to find solutions for environmental problems together, and to make TEB employees active participants in environmental activities.

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