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Dear Shareholders,

Reports of the Board of Directors, Independent Auditors and the Profit-and-Loss Statement for 2009 have been presented for your evaluation and approval.

In Turkey the effects global crisis of 2008 was excessively felt in the first two quarters of 2009. All financial institutions were forced to take various measures to face the challenges posed by the new market conditions due to the contraction in the local economy as well as world economy.

Global crises reminded the need for efficiency as well as the importance of presenting innovative and creative products to the market to protect and enhance one’s market positioning.

TEB has successfully completed 2009 by

  • presenting innovative products and services in all businesses lines, especially in retail and commercial banking,
  • acting efficiently
  • creating added value for its customers
  • investing in HR and IT

Respect, Reliability, ambition and commitment, being creative and innovative...adopting these principles TEB was able to prevent itself from deep affects of the crises and TEB has strengthen its position with new products and services and continued to be the advisor bank during 2009. We set good examples of creative and innovative products by protecting our values.

We believe with our values and innovative approach, we will continue to fulfill our responsibilities against our employees, shareholders and stakeholders. As long as we continue to have this point of view, TEB will continue to have continuous profitability and strong performance. 


Board of Directors