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TEB's activities drew widespread acclaim and won many awards in Turkey and abroad in 2009.

  • With the Supplier Financing System and MOBILE DBS application, TEB was honored with three appreciation awards in two different competitions in Europe.


  • In addition to winning the "E-Communication" award in the Golden Compass Competition on KOBI TV, TEB was also selected as the "People's Choice" in the Golden Spider Competition, which is one of the most respected competitions of the online world.


  • TEB placed second in the KSS Marketplace Event, which was held for the first time by the Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey.


  • TEB's SME Banking approach was once again granted the Quality Award, just as in the two previous years, by the Consumer Summit.


  • TEB was evaluated as the most transparent publicly held bank in the report entitled "Extent of Disclosure and Governance Attributes of Banks Traded on the İstanbul Stock Exchange" prepared by Sabancı University’s Corporate Governance Forum.


  • In the "TEB Creates a Culture of Innovation" report published by Gartner Group, one of the world's leading consultancies, TEB was selected as a "Case Study." It was the first time Gartner selected a Turkish bank for inclusion in its reports.


  • TEB won yet another award in 2009 in the BNP Paribas Innovation Award Program, which has been held since 2007 to encourage efforts in the area of innovation. Receiving awards in the "Creative Café and Smart Ideas" and "Innovation Encouraging Managerial Application" categories, TEB has proved to be one of the most innovative members of the BNP Paribas family thanks to the awards it has won for three consecutive years.