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As a good corporate citizen that is fully aware of its social responsibilities, TEB strives to be a Bank that upholds the core values and heritage of the society that it conducts business in. To achieve this goal, TEB implements corporate social responsibility projects that contribute to the protection of the environment, the development of SMEs that are the dynamo of the Turkish economy and provide for a large proportion of the country’s employment, and the education of our youth population that will build the future of our country.

Planning its corporate social responsibility program in parallel with its business activities, TEB continues to encourage active, voluntary participation of its employees in its projects.

Contributions to the Environment

As a pioneer that is aware of its responsibility to contribute to a sustainable environment, TEB developed and deployed an effective and systematic management approach to minimize the environmental impact of its business operations.

The Bank aims and undertakes to:

  • Preserve and effectively use natural resources,
  • Reduce and recycle waste at source,
  • Offer environmental-friendly products,
  • Increase resource savings and energy efficiency,
  • Follow up scientific and technological developments to prevent environmental pollution and continuously improve its environmental performance,
  • Increase the environment awareness of its employees, suppliers and customers.

TEB became the first deposit bank entitled to receive ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard Certification.

TEB aims to minimize the negative environmental impact (i.e. the carbon footprint) of its banking operations in part through obtaining ISO 14001 Certification. As a result, the Bank plans to reduce energy consumption by 10%, paper consumption by 25%, water consumption by 10% and its overall carbon footprint by 5%.

TEB also demonstrates its contribution to the environment through a variety of initiatives in many environmentally oriented products including TEB Bonus TEMA Card, Energy Saving Consumer Credit, Organic Agriculture Credit and Hybrid Car Credit.

TEB prioritizes raising the level of environmental knowledge and societal awareness of environmental issues, and positions itself as an environmentally friendly bank. The Bank demonstrated its efforts toward increasing public awareness of the environment through sponsorship of the Turkish premiere of the film, “HOME,” which depicts our planet’s environmental problems.

Contributions to SMEs

With a watchful eye on the development of SMEs, which are among the fundamental pillars of the Turkish economy, TEB supports many activities in this area.

Since 2005, after forging a strategic partnership with BNP Paribas, the largest bank in the Euro zone, TEB has further contributed to the development of SMEs. The Bank has provided SMEs with knowledge that will help them gain a competitive edge through its own TEB SME Academy-Corporate Development Program and Future Strategy for Provinces Conferences.

TEB SME Academy – Corporate Development Program
The Corporate Development Program is a hands-on initiative designed to help guide SMEs on the path toward increasing their local and international profitability and gaining a competitive edge in the marketplace. The program also shows SMEs important tips as to how they can strategically manage their companies in the most appropriate manner.

The Corporate Development Program started in 2005 and has reached thousands of SMEs in 27 cities.

TEB SME Academy – Future Strategy for Provinces Conferences
Future Strategy Conferences are held in different cities on a monthly basis. With the participation of local businessmen, academics, bureaucrats and local administrative officials, the conferences aim to help SMEs determine their future objectives and strategies. In addition, the Future Strategy Conferences reveal potential investment areas in provinces based on the economic, commercial and social histories of the locations.

TEB has also established TEB SME TV, a first in the industry. TEB SME TV enables SMEs to gain access to valuable information and benefit from educational programming on a TV channel with ever changing content on a 24x7 basis.

The Bank has implemented another first in the industry: TEB SME CONSULTANTS. These consultants work at TEB branches and help SME clients identify problematic issues in their businesses, offer them solutions and guide them toward opportunities ahead.

Contributions to Youth

Turkey’s Youth are “Inventing” with TEB
Recognizing that a large proportion of the Turkish population is composed of youth, TEB organizes an annual innovation competition, “Make an Invention,” in order to encourage the youth population to generate creative and innovative ideas.

Serving as a good example of private sector-university cooperation, this TEB-sponsored competition contributes to various topics such as raising awareness among the university students and young professionals on “innovation-creativity,” developing competencies and introducing the finance sector to university students.

TEB provides special education programs for and awards youth participants who demonstrate high potential for generating innovative and creative ideas. TEB also organizes an innovation contest among its customers in order to encourage them in this area and grants awards to winning customers.

In addition, TEB provides university students with special education programs in the fields of innovation, communication and creativity. Its “Smart Ideas Campus” designed for undergraduate and masters students and the “No Barriers Campus” designed for disabled students. TEB helps students discover their innovation-creativity abilities and contributes to their education through these initiatives. Students from different universities that participated the “TEB Smart Ideas Campus” and “TEB No Barriers Campus” also have the opportunity to work at TEB based on their education, knowledge and experience.