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General evaluation

TEB made pretax profit of TRY 256.8 million and after-tax profit of TRY 210.2 million in 2009.

Economic contraction in the first half of 2009, which saw a rapid decline in economic activity in the first quarter followed by a slow and gradual recovery in the second quarter, had a negative impact on loan and deposit levels in the banking sector. This impact was especially obvious in banks that focus on asset quality such as TEB.

TEB continued its expansion strategy in retail banking coupled with its strategy to deepen its relationships with existing corporate and commercial customers without compromising risk-management.

Evaluating market conditions in detail, TEB adopted a fast growth strategy in the third quarter of the year.

While the banking sector recorded some growth thanks to the economic recovery in the second half of 2009, TEB offset the impact of the contraction in the first half of the year on its balance sheet and business volume by recording a growth rate higher than the sector average.

TEB's position in the sector
TEB's shares in the sector, and the indicators related to the developments in these shares, in 2009 are shown below.


31 December 2009

31 December 2008




TEB Share




Total Assets*







Total Loans*







Total Deposits*







Number of Branches **







Number of Personnel **







* Source (sectoral figures): February 2010 Monthly Bulletin, Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency. Values in TRY 1,000.
** Source (sectoral figures): Banks Association of Turkey.

Comparisons of TEB's own balance sheet composition with that of the sector as a whole are shown below. (Figures as % of balance sheet total.)


31 December 2009

31 December 2008

Share in Balance Sheet





Liquid Assets





Marketable Securities










Fixed Assets










Total Assets




















Money Markets










Subordinated Debt










Shareholder's Equity





Total Liabilities





* Source: Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency Monthly Bulletin February 2010

In 2009, TEB's

  • Total assets increased 17% when compared to the first half of the year.
  • Shareholder's equity reached TRY 1,649 million.
  • Share of total deposits in the balance sheet was 63%.
  • Credit portfolio increased by 22% when compared to the first half of the year paralleling the expansion in personal loans and working capital loans, and composed 60% of the assets.
  • NPL ratio was below the sector average with a rate of 4.64%. Strong lending policies and a cautious approach to risk played a significant role in these positive results.
  • Loans to deposits ratio, which was 95%, showed that TRY 95 of each 100 TRY deposit was used as a loan.
  • Capital adequacy ratio was 17.70% and return on equity was 13.68%.

The ratios summarized above are strong indicators of TEB's rapid growth capacity. TEB is determined to improve its efficiency, agility and organizational productivity in line with its vision in and after 2010. This determination will increase the added value the Bank creates for its customers, shareholders, society and the environment.


Financial Institutions

International Banking

Credibility, efficiency, reputation
The TEB brand stands for credibility, efficiency and reputation in international banking.

TEB's respected position in international markets was further enhanced by its strategic partnership with BNP Paribas in 2005. The subsidiaries and branch network of BNP Paribas in 87 countries significantly expanded the scope of the Bank's international activities and improved its competitive advantage in the domestic market.

With its quality and efficiency-oriented products and services, TEB meets all the international banking needs of its customers through a network of more than 1,800 correspondent relationships in over 140 countries.

Thanks to its wide correspondent network based on mutual efficiency and cooperation, TEB managed to meet the demands of its customers completely and swiftly in spite of the extraordinarily challenging economic environment in the last two years.

In 2009 where Turkish exporters planned to enter new markets...
EU countries, which receive the biggest share of Turkey's exports, were seriously affected by the global economic crisis in 2009; this fact was one of the main reasons for the sharp contraction in Turkey's total exports.� Moving swiftly to counteract the negative effects of falling demand in EU countries, Turkish exporters headed for new markets. North Africa ranks number one among these new export markets.

TEB enables its customers to export with confidence to higher-risk markets. In 2009, TEB conducted studies to determine the risk acceptance level of banks with operations in different countries in Africa.

Under the campaign called Africa Expansion, package banking solutions were offered based on the needs of customers exporting to this continent. A similar study was made for Middle Eastern countries; TEB introduced Middle East Expansion in October 2009.

TEB will continue to monitor Turkish exporters all over the world and develop package solutions they may need in different geographic locations in 2010.

TEB maintained its position in the foreign trade market in 2009 and completed the year with a market share of 4.5% in imports and 6.6% in exports.

The "Foreign Trade Centers" concept was one of the first innovations to be introduced in Turkey as a result of TEB-BNP Paribas synergy.
TEB currently operates four Foreign Trade Centers: one each in �stanbul, �zmir, Adana and Ankara.

Specialists on staff at TEB Foreign Trade Centers target not only existing customers, but also prospective companies, by making regular visits to firms heavily involved in foreign trade. This strategy also contributes to the acquisition of new customers. TEB also pays careful attention to develop the best foreign trade financing solutions according to customer needs in cooperation with the other centers in related countries and TEB's wide correspondent network.

Foreign Trade Centers of BNP Paribas all over the world...
TEB is in close communications and cooperation with the Foreign Trade Centers of BNP Paribas at 90 locations in 55 countries. It also has strong relations with BNP Paribas subsidiaries, especially in North Africa.

TEB offers effective and fast solutions to companies and exporters in the Turkish construction sector through the BNP Paribas network.

How to Do Business in North Africa?
With the purpose of publicizing the range of solutions offered to foreign trade customers, TEB held a seminar entitled "How to Do Business in North Africa?" in cooperation with the Turkish Contractors Association in Istanbul on 12 November 2009. Turkish Exporters Committee representatives were present at the informational seminar, which was organized with the participation of Turkey Desk staff in Algeria and Egypt in addition to the Trade Center directors in BNP Paribas subsidiaries in North Africa.

The "How to Do Business in North Africa?" seminar attracted great interest from participants and enabled TEB employees to gather with more than 300 company representatives to discuss opportunities for cooperation.

In 2009, TEB continued its intermediation program for EFIL-IV loans for export financing in 2008. TEB also took steps to develop relationships with international development agencies and supranational institutions and implemented initiatives to create long-term funding sources.

TEB has traditionally been a leader in commodity financing.
In 2009, TEB continued to play a leading role in commodity financing of Turkey's traditional agricultural commodities such as tobacco, hazelnuts, olive oil and raisins. TEB participated in commodity financing deals as proxy, guarantor and creditor and it financed customers' export sales with a total of USD 228 million together with foreign banks in 2009.

A syndication strategy in line with lending policy
TEB provided syndication loans of EUR 190 million and USD 92 million with the participation of 28 banks from 17 countries in line with the market conditions and lending policy in November 2009.

A one-year term syndication loan to be used in export financing was the most demanded transaction proportionally in Turkey. While the renewal rate of sectoral syndication loans was 64.4% in 2009, TEB well surpassed this figure with its 153% renewal rate for the year.

TEB also maintains strong relationships with export insurance agencies to support its customers' foreign trade transactions. TEB currently has agreements with export insurance agencies in the USA (US EXIM), Germany (HERMES), Austria (OEKB), Belgium (ONDD), Denmark (EKF), Finland (FINNVERA), France (COFACE), the Netherlands (Atradius), United Kingdom (ECGD), Spain (CESCE), Sweden (EKN), Switzerland (SERV), Italy (SACE), Japan (JBIC), South Korea (KEXIM), and Taiwan (TAIWAN EXIM) and continues to provide alternative financing sources to its customers through these agreements. Another resource TEB provides in intermediation services is GSM-102 loans that are used for the financing of US-based agricultural products trade.

Turkey Desks service is developing...
Turkey Desks is another positive result of the multi-faceted BNP Paribas-TEB synergy.

The first Turkey Desk was set up in Algeria at BNP Paribas El Djazair in 2005, followed by Ukraine and Egypt in 2006 and Russia in 2007.

TEB has come to the last stage of joint studies with BNP Paribas to create a Turkey Desk in Libya, which is a significant market for Turkey. The fifth desk, which will be established at Sahara Bank, one of BNP Paribas's subsidiaries in Libya, is planned for completion in the first quarter of 2010.

Corporate Banking

TEB continued to be the choice of multinational and domestic companies in 2009.
With its nine branches, TEB Corporate Banking provides world-class banking services supported by an advanced technological infrastructure to leading locally and foreign financed companies in an extremely competitive environment.

With the transactions TEB directed to other business lines, group companies and the BNP Paribas global network, Corporate Banking,

  • meets the financial needs of existing and target customers,
  • acts in accordance with the principle of long-term relationship banking,
  • in addition to adhering to a customer-oriented approach.

Restructured with divisions such as Local Financed Companies and Foreign Financed Companies to emphasize BNP Paribas synergy in 2008, TEB Corporate Banking prioritized risk management in 2009 due to the financial crisis growing deeper in the last quarter of 2008. Sharing this approach with its customer base, the Bank focused on overcoming the crisis with the least negative impact for itself and its corporate customers.

Solutions creating added value in Cash Management played a significant role in deepening the relationships with its corporate customers in the difficult market conditions in 2009.

TEB made an important expansion in TRY and foreign currency cash management by increasing the number of its multinational and domestic customers and due to the effectiveness of its electronic payments and collection solutions.

TEB Corporate Banking is in synergistic cooperation with subsidiaries.
TEB closely follows and meets its customers' needs in financial leasing, operational leasing, factoring, intermediation services and investment banking.

The Bank offers effective and efficient solutions to its customers by acting in synergistic cooperation with its subsidiaries.

TEB's competitive advantages in corporate banking include,

  • Efficient customer relations management,
  • "Business partnership" approach,
  • Synergy created with BNP Paribas global network and competitive advantage gained especially in North African countries,
  • Cash management services supported by a powerful technological infrastructure.

TEB's objective in corporate banking is to strengthen its position as the main bank of its customers through long-term cooperation. This objective is supported by the Bank's powerful technological infrastructure, in efficient customer management, and especially in cash management, which bolsters TEB's competitive advantage in corporate banking.

Further developing relationships with BNP Paribas
TEB continued to develop its relationships with the product groups of BNP Paribas Corporate and Investment Banking (CIB) in the corporate banking business line in 2009.

Joint financing transactions were made with BNP Paribas in commodity financing to create new business areas in metal-mineral and oil-oil derivatives, as well as agricultural products in particular.

The first agreement was signed with BNP Paribas regarding cooperation in Country Loans. Financing of France-based machinery and equipment imports to Turkey will jointly be realized by BNP Paribas and TEB under the guarantee of Coface, which is one of the world's biggest credit insurance companies.

The first joint financing transaction with BNP Paribas CIB was completed in December 2009 to achieve more efficient cooperation in Media and Telecom Financing. This cooperation is expected to further develop and continue in the future.

The synergy was also harnessed to realize banking transactions of BNP Paribas customers making investments in Turkey through TEB. Many accounts were opened for an increasing number of foreign financed and multinational companies and solution packages were offered to meet the financial needs of these companies by TEB in 2009.

Commercial Banking

An approach that targets emerging and growing business sectors
TEB's main strategy in commercial banking is to ensure deepening of its relationships by strategically positioning itself with existing customers while targeting sectors that are emerging and growing.

In addition to offering financial solutions to its customers, TEB Commercial Banking strives to become the solution partner and consultant bank of its customers.

TEB's sales force, which is trained as Commercial Banking Strategic Consultants, provides not only banking services but also strategic consultancy services to existing and new customers. Customers are supported to ensure that they are in the right sector using the right instruments and products mix in order to grow.�

This strategy also provides a "win-win" opportunity for both TEB and its customer base by expanding the use of sophisticated instruments and banking products such as foreign trade, cash management and derivative products.

Aiming to bolster TEB's customer-oriented service approach, the Commercial Banking Strategic Consultant Project is conducted with the consultancy support of PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Synergistic cooperation between BNP Paribas, Foreign Trade Centers and Subsidiaries
Under the framework of the cooperation between TEB Commercial Banking and BNP Paribas, the opportunities and experience provided by the Foreign Trade Centers in the countries where BNP Paribas has a strong presence is highly beneficial. This cooperation also increased the strength of TEB as the solution partner of its customers.

Seminars and meetings that focused on the domestic economy for the real sector were organized by TEB Foreign Trade Centers in cooperation with BNP Paribas, bringing a new dimension to the Bank's relationships with its existing customers. These meetings contributed to the expansion of TEB's customer portfolio.

TEB Commercial Banking also conducted joint studies with TEB Arval, TEB Cetelem, TEB Financial Leasing and TEB Factoring to meet customer needs in the segment of financial market structuring.

The Bank also offered foreign trade expertise and cash management solutions, two areas in which it particularly excels, to its commercial customers.

TEB Gold Banking
TEB Gold Banking provides Gold-Backed Loans supported by the Goldsmith's Insurance Package, in line with the cross product sales target, to jewelry makers and dealers. This service line provides banking services at internationally competitive terms to tradesmen in the gold business.

TEB Gold Banking intends to capture the largest market share in the Turkish Gold Market by offering a wide product range to investors who want to utilize Gold Custody Accounts and Gold-Based Mutual Funds. As of September 2009, TEB became the third leading bank in this business line with a market share of 28.33% for the volume of Gold-Backed Loans it extended to the jewelry sector through its 178 branches.

TEB offers the Goldsmith's Insurance Package to the jewelry sector in cooperation with Zurich Insurance. Favored by many customers, the Goldsmith's Insurance Package was among the best performing products due to the increase in the number of policies and strong premium production.

SME Banking

TEB's objective is to become not only the bank but also the consultant for SMEs.
Customer needs and expectations from the banking sector change rapidly in today's globalized world.

TEB SME Banking sees this rapid change as a growth opportunity and works to convert the traditional bank-customer relationship into a versatile partnership. TEB designs and develops its SME products and services accordingly and focuses on meeting the financial and nonfinancial needs of SMEs. TEB's objective is to become not only the bank but also the consultant for SMEs.

TEB's product range includes loans, deposits and cash management products developed for the banking needs of SMEs. In addition, customer representatives dedicated exclusively for SMEs are available in TEB branches.

In 2009, TEB gained 3,843 new SME customers.

The most important factor that differentiates TEB in the intense competition in SME banking is the Bank's products and services offering.
While developing its products and services portfolio, TEB considers not only the financial needs of SMEs but also their particular challenges in the areas of business development and governance. The Bank implemented a sectoral innovation with its services offering solutions for SME issues regarding information, consultancy, training and supplies procurement.

TEB believes that the biggest obstacles to SME growth are lack of financing as well as lack of information.
In order to solve this problem, TEB started to provide services such as SME Academy, SME TV, SME Support Line and SME Consultants. In addition to financial support, TEB's services provide information for SME's managerial issues and enable them to share their experiences. TEB's SME Banking products and services enable SMEs to secure a strong market position in today's competitive environment.

TEB's long-term objective is to become the consultant bank of SMEs. The Bank has come closer to realizing this goal thanks to the great strides it has taken since its establishment and through the variety of products and services it offers. The Bank provides updated and objective information to SMEs through SME Academy, SME TV, SME Support Line and SME Consultants. TEB SME Club offers supplies procurement support to SMEs.

Company analyses conducted by TEB SME Consultants help SMEs see their work processes from an objective perspective. Efficiency Analysis in Foreign Trade assists SMEs in making efficient foreign trade transactions while Production System Development Analysis helps raise the efficiency of production processes.

In 2010, there will be more intense competition in offering new solutions.
TEB predicts that there will be more intense competition in finding new solutions to the financial needs of SMEs in 2010. In response, TEB plans to,

  • Improve the attractiveness of its Supplier Financing System, which was prepared to meet the financial needs of SMEs engaged in production for large corporate entities,
  • Continue to extend KOSGEB Loans, which is among its areas of expertise,
  • Support SMEs through a Credit Guarantee Fund.

A perfect example: TEB SME Academy

TEB SME Academy Corporate Development Training, which has been organized since 2005, has reached 4,500 companies and 6,200 business professionals in 30 provinces as of the end of 2009.

SME Academy Corporate Development Trainings were held in Burdur, Ad�yaman and Sivas in 2009 and nearly 450 SMEs received training. Some 150 business professionals participated in the meeting in Trabzon, where strategies to weather the global economic crisis were discussed. Development plans were determined according to the needs of the provinces and a summary report was shared with nearly 200 business professionals, public institutions and organizational authorities and nongovernmental organization representatives during the Future Strategies Conferences in Aksaray and Erzincan.

All the initiatives conducted under the aegis of TEB SME Academy enhanced the Bank's brand recognition and helped TEB acquire new customers and deepen its relationships with existing customers.

TEB SME Academy was selected as the best project by BNP Paribas.
TEB SME Academy won the top award by outpacing many projects from 85 countries in the Innovation Competition organized by BNP Paribas to support and foster innovation. BNP Paribas selected TEB SME Academy as the best project, which was adopted by other countries in the Group. The first SME Academy outside Turkey was implemented in Algeria in September 2007.

BNP Paribas has been conducting feasibility studies to launch TEB SME Academy in Belgium, France, Italy and the USA.

TEB SME Club: A system that offers SMEs cost advantages.�
About 15,000 SMEs became members of TEB SME Club, which was established in February 2009.

Helping link supply and demand on the web, TEB SME Club provides cost advantages for SMEs' purchases in the sectors in which they incur the highest expenses.

TEB organized meetings with 50 companies in 22 different sectors, in supplies areas which SMEs consume the most, and extended discounts up to 50%.

SMEs were very interested in the deep discounts in sectors such as fuel oil, telecommunications, office supplies, cargo and insurance, one of the most significant items in SMEs' annual expenses.

One of our business partners that extends a discount under TEB SME Club is Zurich Insurance. The discounts granted with SME Liability Insurance and Comprehensive Insurance drew great interest from SMEs.

TEB SME TV Specialists
TEB launched its SME TV Specialists services to enable SMEs access to the right information in the shortest period of time and in the most effective manner. Thanks to this service, SMEs can pose questions to specialists about topics of interest such as taxes, social security, labor law, incentives, company strategy and company management. SMEs receive replies to their questions via videos on TEB SME TV.

As of November 2009, a total number of 4,271 questions were asked to TEB SME TV Specialists. SME TV is yet more proof of the strong and highly innovative support TEB provides to SMEs.

SME Specialists
As the second stage of the TEB SME Consultant service that was established in 2008, SME Expertise started to provide services to companies conducting business in domestic marketing & sales, global marketing & sales and production management with its 33 employees, who completed their expert training in 2009.

Entitled to receive their certification after completion of a training course at TOBB University, TEB SME Specialists provide services to SMEs with a customer-oriented approach.

Retail Banking

Making a difference
TEB is a bank that is capable of making a real difference in the lives of its retail customers. As a result of its systematic and planned development in recent years, TEB segmented its customer base and launched TEB Star Banking to completely meet the differentiated needs of its customers.

The Bank has the scale, distribution network and superior technological infrastructure to provide products and services at the right time and in the right way. Appropriate, deliberate and efficient usage of TEB's retail banking capabilities strengthened its position and market share in this business line.

Retail banking in figures
Working to increase customer activity volume and cross sales, TEB continued its healthy growth in retail banking. With TEB's retail banking campaigns in line with its deposit structure and healthy growth in loans, coupled with the objective of growing deeper relationships with its customers, the Bank recorded an increase of,

  • 53% in salary customers,
  • 41% in internet banking customers,
  • 89% in automatic payment customers,
  • 63% in current accounts,
  • 24% in investment funds,
  • 39% in consumer loans,
  • 78% in housing loans

and successfully achieved growth that outpaced the sector.

With its new product and service packages, campaigns and salary agreements, TEB gained an average of 30,000 new customers every month. The total number of its retail customers reached 1.2 million by the end of 2009. Quickly broadening its customer base, TEB increased the number of its active customers per branch as well as its retail customer profitability.

The number of TEB's personal loan customers rose to 109,000 by the end of the year, a growth rate of 29%.

TEB also increased its cross sales rate thanks to its campaign management as a result of the customer segmentation and analysis initiatives conducted in 2009. The rate of cross sales per retail customer in 2009 reached 3.80.

TEB provides continuous and conveniently accessible services to its retail banking customers through its Call Center and Internet Branch in addition to its 334 branches and 596 TEB Expresses.

Product development capability that meets customers' demands and needs
In 2009, TEB continued to focus on new product and services development, campaign management and CRM campaigns within its retail banking business line. As a result of these initiatives, TEB gave its full support to innovation that will lead the sector as in previous years.

TEB launched several new product packages in 2009 including University Package, Retired Customer Package, Med-Kit Product Package, Wedding Package and Home Owner Package that aim to meet specialized needs, provide customer satisfaction and foster customer loyalty. These product packages were developed to meet customer needs and increase the advantages for customers.

TEB identified evolving customer needs by conducting market research in 2009 and launched new products and services including Art Loan, Hybrid Car Loan, Everything Included Mortgage, Periodic Payment Personal Loan for Retirees, Buy-Rent Mortgage, Energy Savings and Insulation Loan and Drop Account.

Life cycle banking
With its mission to provide products and services that individuals will need at different stages of their lives, life cycle banking is one of the areas TEB differentiates itself from the competition in retail banking.

The Bank continued to expand its life cycle banking product offerings in 2009, with the introduction of,

  • Retiree Package developed for customers, who receive their social security payments through our Bank, and
  • UniversiTEB Package developed for undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate and doctorate students studying in at least 4-year departments of universities were offered for the use of target customers in March.�

TEB plans to launch more new products for different age groups under its life cycle banking approach in the near future.

Housing loans comprise another part of TEB's retail banking offering.
TEB offers its customers effective housing loan (mortgage) related services that are based on efficiency for both parties. In 2009, TEB offered the lowest interest rate for housing loans in Turkey in the last 10 years. Some of TEB's activities in the housing sector are stated below.

International Mortgage � BNP Paribas International Buyers collaboration. Provided in collaboration with BNP Paribas International Buyers, TEB's international mortgage services target those borrowers living abroad who want to buy a house in Turkey.

The mortgage product was launched at a press conference organized jointly with BNP Paribas in Antalya in October 2008.

Mortgage Package. Introduced to the market in August 2009, the Mortgage Package is designed to raise customer perception, improve TEB's reputation in the housing loan segment and help TEB become the first choice bank. The package is differentiated from competing offerings in the market due to its product range, customized pricing, flexible payment plan options, interest rate discounting according to product ownership and discount opportunities granted by selected companies.

TEB became the first deposit bank in Turkey to obtain ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification.
In May 2009, TEB became the first deposit bank in Turkey to obtain 14001 Environmental Management System certification. In addition, the Bank launched its Environment-Friendly Products Package during the year. Taking a significant step in integrating environmental awareness with banking products and services, the Package includes Energy Savings and Insulation Loan and Organic Agriculture Loan options.

Advantages shape the future
TEB is a bank that,

  • Operates in a flexible and agile way,
  • Listens to its customers and designs products that suit their needs,
  • Gives great importance to innovation.

These attributes define TEB's advantages and also serve as the Bank's road map in retail banking. Considering customer satisfaction equal to corporate success, TEB will continue to make a difference in the lives of individuals.

TEB's priority development areas for 2010 will be housing and personal loans as well as asset management services. TEB will continue to increase its market share in 2010 thanks to further development and acceleration of its business processes, product and service variety, pricing advantage and success in risk management.

TEB Star Banking

TEB Star Banking, which is TEB's banking solution for the high net worth segment, provides services in 58 branches.

TEB Star Banking stands out in elite banking thanks to its,

  • Differentiated product range,
  • Extensive wealth management services,
  • Privileges offered for customers with different life styles.

TEB Star Banking aims to,

  • Provide versatile financial consultancy services to its customers,
  • Improve customer loyalty by providing customized services that suit their life styles,
  • Build long-term relationships with customers by focusing more on housing loans.

Star Banking updated its service strategy in response to the changing market conditions of 2009 and aimed to provide the best service to its customers.

Investment funds became more attractive due to decreasing interest rates in 2009. Star Banking investment fund volume increased 78% in the first half of the year.

Star Banking's total assets increased 35% as of November 2009 from the previous year. In parallel with the briskness in loan demand in the second half of the year, housing loans granted by TEB to Star Banking borrowers were up 65% as of June 2009, and up by 32% at year-end over 2008.

Star Banking continued to offer customized solutions to its customers in 2009.

  • A EUR/TRY indexed quarterly band renewable capital guaranteed fund that was launched in January, Portfolio Pro, was relaunched in May,
  • Art Loan launched in August,
  • Boat Loan and Family Loan offered in November,
  • Star Housing Package offered in November,
  • BRIC Fund launched in December,
  • Indexed Time Deposit offered in December.

Working in cooperation with TEB Investment in customer sharing, TEB Star Banking also processes customer stock transactions in designated branches after transferring TEB Investment based portfolios to Star Banking.

In 2010, Star Banking plans to meet all the retail banking needs of its customers in the high net worth segment and increase its market share by developing a product portfolio that will continuously be renewed in response to market conditions.

TEB Star Banking intends to increase its number of branches to 65 and continue to,

  • Focus on non-interest income, which will become more important for the entire sector in 2010,
  • Increase cross sales with existing and new products,
  • Boost the activation and transaction volume levels of Star Platinum Card, which plays a key role to accessing Star Banking privileges,
  • Introduce innovative deposit and investment products such as Three-Currency Deposit and Flexible Term Deposit,
  • Develop services that create added value for high net worth life styles,
  • Raise brand recognition with the help of advertisements and publicity campaigns.

Small Business Banking

TEB Small Business Banking helps its customers find solutions to all kinds of financial needs with its wide product portfolio and endeavors to become the preferred bank in retail banking for tradesmen.

The number of TEB Small Business Banking customers increased 12% in 2009 and reached 252,000 by year's end.

Small Business Banking current deposits grew by 44% and total deposits increased by 17% in 2009. This growth in the customer portfolio is a natural outcome of TEB's strategy to efficiently use the full range of its distribution channels.�

Small Business Banking Salaries Package and Tradesmen's Solution Package
Small Business Banking Salaries Package is a TEB solution developed jointly with the Retail Banking business line. With this new offering, the Bank acquired over 600 companies as new customers and started to pay salaries to more than 20,000 accounts.

Designed with sector-specific solution packages in mind, the Tradesmen's Solution Package was one of the Bank's most effective service packages in 2009. The Bank gained more than 7,000 new customers in June-December from this initiative that targeted the active use of at least three different products.

In 2009, TEB increased the number of companies in its customer portfolio in the health sector, especially pharmacists, with the help of its SGK Package that was developed specifically for this sector.

Contribution of Small Business Banking to POS market share
TEB's POS product, which is effective in channeling customers' cash flow through the Bank, continued to be one of the primary offerings of Small Business Banking.
Small Business Banking played a significant role in the 4.70% increase in TEB's POS market share in 2009. About 70% of TEB's total POS contracted merchant turnover and 80% of its POS transaction volume originate from the Small Business Banking business line.

TEB Small Business Banking saw significant developments in 2009.

  • At the BNP Paribas Small Business Community meeting organized in Paris in November, participants were informed about Small Business Banking initiatives in different countries.
  • New steps were taken to acquire customers originating from subsidiaries under the Ocean 1 project.
  • Intermediation services were initiated regarding SGK payments of customers in the health sector with the cooperation with SGK. Advantageous products and services were offered to customers in the health sector, particularly pharmacists, through the Health Package.
  • KOSGEB-supported loan packages were offered to more than 1,500 customers.
  • Thanks to cooperation with trade associations, advantageous products such as loan products and insurance services were offered to their members.
  • Market research studies were conducted on screen designs required for multiple and effective sales, applications that serve as an example in Agricultural Banking and CRM-oriented segmentation models.�

Using all types of communication channels in its marketing activities, TEB regularly informed Small Business Banking customers about sector developments as well as the Bank's solutions; TEB also offered special solutions for tradesmen through cooperation with a high-circulation newspaper in 2009.

Pilot programs of the Gold Bracelet Loan developed in collaboration with the UNDP and GYIAD started up in Bursa and Ankara in 2008. The loan program was suspended due to the impact of the global crisis in 2009. TEB plans to relaunch the Gold Bracelet initiative in 2010 after converting it into a microfinancing project that supports entrepreneurs.

Our objectives for 2010...
TEB Small Business Banking plans to improve its product penetration in its existing customer base and reach new customers with the support of its experienced sales staff in 2010. TEB's objective is to increase its market share by raising the number of Small Business Banking customers to over 300,000 in 2010.�

In parallel with its objective to become the first choice of tradesmen, TEB will continue to develop new products and services in line with the specific needs of its customer base and the market, and further strengthen its position in small business banking.

Agricultural Banking

TEB considers supporting agriculture a civic duty.
The success of Turkish farmers to realize the full potential of the soil they cultivate by using high production standards under the scope of the EU harmonization process is a civic duty that goes beyond any mere business objective. Accordingly, TEB Agricultural Banking continues to support the agricultural sector with a customer-oriented approach.

TEB's objective is to support the financial foundation of Turkish agriculture in industry, production and trade. To this end, TEB offers loans and other banking services in line with both customer and regional needs with the help of its specialized and experienced Agricultural Banking team that,

  • understands the dynamics of the agricultural sector, and
  • follows local and global trends in the sector.

Established under the Small Business Banking unit in 2007, Agricultural Banking completed most of its staffing in 2009 and took a step forward to become one of the major banks in the agricultural sector thanks to its specialized and experienced team of professionals.

Developments in the sector started to change the agricultural company organizational structures.
Former company organization structures based on the traditional agricultural model were replaced by medium and large scale concerns that focus on production efficiency and quality. TEB's local and global based solution packages facilitate organization structural change, ensure continuous sector development and give companies the chance to meet their financial needs from different sources.

In addition to contributing to the sustainable agricultural production of small agribusinesses, TEB Agricultural Banking continues to meet the loan needs of medium and large scale enterprises for their working capital and investment. Financing alternatives are offered under agreements executed with agricultural producer associations, cooperatives and trade associations.

The banking needs of environmental friendly companies that are interested in organic agriculture in line with consumer demands and needs are also among TEB's priorities.

A key product in Agricultural Banking: Thresh Card
Thresh Card is a card payment system designed specifically for TEB customers in the agricultural sector.

Launched in the last quarter of 2009, Thresh Card gives agribusinesses the chance to purchase their production inputs such as fuel, fertilizer, seeds and feed under the best terms and conditions from suppliers. The card also helps suppliers, which are TEB solution partners, to gain new customers and increase their turnover.

The number of Thresh Cards issued reached 1,500 as of the end of 2009.

TEB Agricultural Banking strives to become one of the major players in the sector for payment systems in the agricultural sector.

TEB also supports agricultural insurance solutions, which rank among the most important needs of the sector. Insurance sales are made by branches in this service offered under the framework of TARSIM, of which Zurich Insurance is a member.

Card Payment Systems

A valuable component for gaining new customers
In recent years, TEB has implemented important innovations in payment systems and continues to offer innovative products and solutions to its customers. Contributing to customer loyalty, profitability and customer acquisition across all the Bank's business lines in 2009, TEB Card Payment Systems focused on,

  • product development,
  • marketing, and
  • sales activities.

With the main target of directing the cash flow of individuals and companies to the Bank via a wide range of cards and POS products, the Card Payment Systems business unit was restructured in 2009, and now has two main departments, marketing and sales.

In 2010, the primary objectives of Card Payment Systems are to quickly acquire credit card customers by forging strategic partnerships and generate more transaction activity and greater penetration in existing cardholders.

TEB was ranked 9th in the sector in expenditure per card.
TEB, which was ranked ninth in the sector in expenditure per card in Turkey, increased the number of its credit cards issued to 717,356, up 11% for the year. TEB's credit card market share reached 1.64% in 2009, while the Bank's market share of total credit card turnover rose to 1.33%.

With the TEB Star Platinum Card and TEB Special Platinum Card programs, which were introduced in January 2009, a total of 22,273 customers were acquired in the high end group of cards.

Card Payment Systems, which continued to support the Bank's business lines with credit card products, launched TEB Thresh Card, intended to meet the cash needs of agricultural production companies, World Signia for the private banking group, and UniversiTEB Card for undergraduates. In 2009, the UniversiTEB Card acquired 20,000 new customers. 

The most money-making card in the sector
In 2009, with the highest bonus point offering campaign in the sector, "A Huge Bonus from TEB: 100 TRY Bonus," TEB strengthened its "most money making card" image in the banking sector.

Over 75,000 POS
With more than 75,000 POS machines in use, and up 70% for the year, TEB ranked sixth in the market. TEB captured a 4.68% market share in POS turnover of the sector, an increase of 11% over the previous year.

In 2009, the Bank was fourth in the sector with TRY 10,281 in turnover per POS. With a monthly average of 3,000 new contracted merchants, POS machines became a key product in Small Business and SME Banking's efforts to gain new customers.


  • Continued to add new contracted merchants to its Bonus Card program in 2009. The Bank reached 27,882 contracted merchants and recorded TRY 605 million in Bonuscard turnover.
  • Implemented an advantageous ADSL campaign to contracted merchants by collaborating with Millenicom in September.

TEB also undertook various social responsibility projects in 2009 within its credit cards business line.

  • Thanks to the fund provided by TEB Bonus �zmirim Card, the only credit card specific to a city in Turkey, which was launched in April 2007 in cooperation with the �zmir Chamber of Commerce Education and Health Foundation, eye screening of 100,000 students was carried out in elementary schools in the 2008 � 2009 academic year.
  • From the environmentally friendly TEB Bonus TEMA Card developed in cooperation with the TEMA Foundation and introduced in 2007, a fund of TRY 80,000 was generated and transferred for use in the battle against global warming and in other environmental projects that will be implemented by TEMA.

We do everything we can to offer higher quality service to our customers�

By forming a strategic partnership with the Bonus Card credit card program, which has the highest brand recognition and the widest contracted merchant network, TEB provided a service network capable of comprehensively meeting the expectations and needs of its customers.

By organizing attractive campaigns, TEB aims to become the bank that contributes most to its customers in the credit card market. TEB, which addresses differentiated customer segments thanks to its wide product range, plans to take additional pioneering steps in this area in 2010.

Alternative Delivery Channels
In parallel with differentiated, varied and rapidly growing customer needs, a fundamental shift is occurring in the banking sector, namely, away from branch banking and toward alternative delivery channels. In response to this development, TEB's primary objective is to enable its customers reach content-rich and quality banking products in a faster and more effective way.

As a result, shifting the operational work load on the Bank's physical service network was a priority.

TEB Express, Call Center, mobile banking and Internet applications make up TEB's primary alternative delivery channels, with which TEB provides services to different customer segments with its extensive menu of options.

Of the share of the Bank's customer transactions completed through alternative delivery channels in 2009, TEB Expresses received 27%, retail and corporate/commercial Internet branches 62%, mobile banking 1%, and the Call Center 10%. Nearly 100 million transactions were made through Internet, mobile banking, Call Center and TEB Express channels in 2009.

The number of TEB customers has risen considerably in recent years.
Notably the Bonus Card partnership and the Bank's growth in differentiated products and services yielded an increase in the number of customers and business volume. A natural result of this development was the operational load increase across the Bank. TEB's ability to turn banking into an easy-to-access and consumable product, and its superior technological infrastructure, allowed the transfer of a significant part of the operational work load to non-branch channels, primarily through TEB Expresses.

TEB Internet Branch
In 2009, the number Internet Branch users reached 290,000, a 40% increase from the prior year; active users totaled 110,000, a rise of 34% from 2008. The active customer penetration rate of the branch increased from 14.2% to 16%.

TEB Handy Internet Branch
TEB Handy Internet Branch continued to enhance its offering with new functionality added in 2009.

Designed for retail banking customers who want to make daily transactions easily and quickly, TEB Handy Internet Branch became the favorite of an increasing number of TEB customers.

Users can access information about local and global markets (foreign currencies, gold and repo, foreign exchange market indices), the closest TEB Branch and TEB Express and our loan and investment products at, the address of the CEPTETEB WAP Branch. CEPTETEB's offering was further extended with stock, fund and foreign currency buying & selling functionality.

TEB customers can make money transfers and payments and withdraw cash as well as review their account details, account summary and TEB Bonus Card information at the WAP Branch.

In cooperation with Turkcell, the "Where is TEB" service was launched as an innovation in Turkey that enables Bank customers to learn via SMS where the nearest TEB Branch or TEB Express is in relation to their geographic location.

TEB Call Center continued to raise its service quality and increase its sales volume in 2009 with an organizational structure based on providing the utmost customer satisfaction. TEB Call Center provides services through three different units.

The Telephone Branch provides retail and commercial customers 24/7 access to retail banking services.

TEB Call Center meets customers' needs quickly without compromising quality by serving as an easy-to-access distribution channel. TEB Call Center also strives to acquire new customers by focusing on marketing activities.

Smart IVR, which is a smart voice recognition system and an innovation in Turkey, was implemented as a part of the TEB Call Center Interactive Voice Response System. The concept at the heart of this project, that automatically recognizes customers and ensures more efficient transaction processing for each customer, originated in the "Make an Invention" competition.

As Smart IVR recognizes the voice of customers, callers do not have to listen to all the IVR menus. Their favorite menus are presented firstly and this leads to faster and easier completion of transactions. The Smart IVR application also shortened the customer waiting time on the phone.

TEB Express
The number of TEB Express and TEB Express Plus points reached 596 in 2009, an increase of 2% over the previous year. Total transaction volume for the year through this channel rose to 27,231,374, up 60% from 2008.

TEB continues to enhance the transactional capabilities of TEB Express. New software for the TEB Express infrastructure was developed and will be deployed in December.

An innovative and unique business model for ATMs
TEB has been preparing an innovative and unique business model for ATMs in conjunction with its agreement with First Data. A TEB Express network will be established at retail points such as supermarkets, gas stations, white goods stores and at other suitable locations within urban areas. With this collaborative project, the objective is to triple the number of TEB Expresses within three years.

In addition to TEB customers, local and global card holders will be able to use services such as money withdrawal through non-branch TEB Express points to be established.

Private Banking

The first to introduce private banking in Turkey in 1989, TEB provides Private Banking services to high net worth individuals. All the banking and investment product needs of customers are met through customized asset management by a qualified and experienced team of professionals.

TEB Private Banking assesses the financial expectations and risk appetite of its customers with a personalized approach and meets their needs through investment opportunities with high added value.

Experienced Private Banking Portfolio Managers provide services in TEB Private Banking...
Individuals with assets worth at least TRY 1 million are the target group of TEB Private Banking. Most of TEB's traditional customers are those who request professional investment advisory and wealth management services from the provider with the highest private banking standards in Turkey.

TEB Private Banking services are based on investment opportunities that are reliable and beyond reproach. One of TEB's competitive advantages is its staff of Private Banking Portfolio Managers who have an average of 12 years of experience in the sector. This highly experienced team of professionals provides the opportunity not only to act quickly when making investment decisions but also to manage high level investment products requiring a Capital Markets Board license, according to the risk appetite of customers.

Our priority in a market affected by the global crisis is�
Starting in the mortgage market in the USA in the last quarter of 2008 and spreading all over the world, the global economic crisis seriously affected the Turkish economy in 2009.

TEB Private Banking adopted an asset allocation policy in line with the risk appetites of its customers and accordingly designed its wealth management services in response to the market conditions of a depressed economy.

TEB Private Banking continued to offer the right local and global investment options designed on a personalized basis with the help of its experienced and specialized team throughout 2009. The decisions of the Investment Committee, which makes investment recommendations, were readily shared with customers.

In 2009, the number of TEB Private Banking customers increased by 2% while investment fund business volume rose 31% over 2008.

Cooperation with subsidiaries and other business lines
TEB Private Banking performs asset management and investment advisory services together with TEB Portfolio Management. VOP and stock transactions are conducted jointly with TEB Investment.

TEB Private Banking works in close cooperation with the Corporate and Commercial Banking business lines to gain new customers.

The year 2009 was one of innovations for TEB Private Banking.
TEB added Tax Advisory to its Wealth Management Advisory services, which have been provided in the area of Private Banking since 1989.
TEB Private Banking's new web site was launched in 2009. With up-to-date market developments and daily analyses, Your Finance Coach provides customers with actionable daily and historical macroeconomic data to better inform their investment decisions.

In 2009, won the Distinguished Web Site award in the Web Awards, one of the most prestigious global competitions for the internet world. is the first Turkish private banking web site to win this coveted award.

TEB works in cooperation with be Travel in providing personalized travel-related support and services to its Private Banking clients. Additionally, TEB offers international travel consultancy and advisory services to its customers.

TEB Private Banking aims to provide its customers a perfect service experience by further improving its offering in 2010.
Under the synergistic cooperation with BNP Paribas Wealth Management, TEB is preparing to provide both art and real estate consultancy services to its private banking customers in 2010.

TEB plans to maintain its traditional leadership position in Private Banking and provide exemplary services to an expanding customer base in 2010.


Treasury Marketing
TEB Treasury Marketing is a unit that focuses on sales and marketing, without dealing with operational details, and that can convert customers' foreign currency, interest and commodity risks into opportunities thanks to its wide product portfolio.

Treasury Marketing develops competitive products that can be modified according to customer needs with the help of the advantages created by its service platform and TEB's membership in a global bank network.

Customer visits are organized to determine their needs on an accurate and timely basis; customer balance sheet risks are assessed with the help of active balance sheet analysis. A wide range of technical support is given and information and experience is exchanged as a result of joint initiatives with BNP Paribas.

The year 2010 will be one of opportunities for Treasury Marketing.
TEB aims to become the first Turkish Bank to offer commodity derivatives to its customers.

Assets & Liabilities Management
The Assets & Liabilities Management division manages the Bank's balance sheet on the basis of a sustainable profitability and growth strategy. The primary duty of this department is to,

  • Minimize the impact of economic fluctuations and risks on TEB's balance sheet,
  • Control the long-term interest rate risks that may occur in the balance sheet by using advanced hedging techniques,
  • Support TEB's long-term growth strategy.

TEB has long-standing expertise in the Assets & Liabilities Management arena. TEB efficiently manages its balance sheets by using modern analytical methods with the contribution of know-how and expertise of BNP Paribas. The model applied by TEB is among the best applications of BNP Paribas, with which TEB is in close cooperation in Assets & Liabilities Management. TEB Assets & Liabilities Management also makes recommendations to the strategic investment committees of BNP Paribas.

TEB Securities Services

Strategy of TEB Securities Services is to:

  • Continue the development of new products
  • Exploit local opportunities by enlarging product offering to existing clients
  • Exploit local presence and expertise of TEB
  • Increase its market share
  • Maintain the leadership positioning of BNP Paribas Securities Services in Turkey by ���� being the best quality provider in the market

TEB Securities Services' Competitive Advantages

  • A team of experts with long seniority in Turkish custody industry to which shareholders are very committed
  • A comprehensive and robust local clearing and custody offer including value added services aligned with BNP Paribas Securities Services standards such as securities lending and borrowing and back office outsourcing
  • A solid and proven technology
  • A differentiating set of bundled services: A one stop shop providing single point of entry through TEB entities for execution, and TEB Securities Services for clearing, settlement, liquidity management and custody services

TEB is the only agent bank in Turkey that shows a leading presence in Turkish capital markets activities. TEB Securities Services looks into being the specialist securities services provider of TEB Group.

Steps towards the opportunities: 2010 targets
Turkish market is developing rapidly with the introduction and development of new capital market instruments. At the same time, the attractiveness of the Turkish market among non-resident institutional investors has not decreased albeit the recent turmoil. In addition, going forward, TEB Securities Services expects the institutional client base in Turkey to further develop.

In line with the above strategy, TEB Securities Services anticipates the largest growth areas for TEB Securities Services as follows:

  • Newly introduced products and services
  • Growth in market share
  • Expanding into new client segments: TEB Securities Services is planning to expand its services to institutional and corporate investors.

Information Technologies

To develop and balance operational efficiency, risk management effectiveness and customer orientation...
TEB Information Technologies implemented many initiatives that include both front and back office applications for developing and balancing operational efficiency, risk management effectiveness and customer orientation to support daily work requirements with the Convenient Banking approach.�

Information Technologies has coordinated sustainable growth and cost-effective initiatives across the entire Bank for years.

ACE program applications started...
In 2009, TEB applications of the ACE program, which integrates the Lean Six Sigma methodology with change management approaches, started in line with the customer orientation and operational excellence objectives of BNP Paribas.

The ACE program integrates the "Lean" approach that started in BNP Paribas in 2005 and the "Six Sigma" approach; it is further supported by change management applications.

"Lean" strategies focus on increasing speed and efficiency. "Six Sigma" aims to reduce variations, generate more stable and clearer work results and increase customer satisfaction.

TEB implemented this program in 2009, which has been applied by BNP Paribas in several other countries. TEB aims to utilize LSS methodology, when applicable, for development and change projects, and studies related to operational efficiency and service quality TEB will conduct these studies under the ACE program.

TEB Information Technologies also...

  • Implemented TEBKEYS-TEB User Access Management System, which is an application that includes identity and access management main modules and which was designed to manage user access to IT resources.
  • Adopted the system designed to increase and monitor software code quality.
  • Signed a contract with ITU regarding the storage of software resource codes.
  • Started a project to replace the Call Center IVR system with the new generation Voice Portal technology.
  • Aimed to increase the efficiency of the data center by focusing on server virtualization and consolidation projects.
  • Renewed the network infrastructure of the Headquarters and increased infrastructure security measures.
  • Spread the use of integrated communication tools throughout the entire bank.
  • Updated the version of the basic banking database.

In 2009, TEB Information Technologies implemented the following applications.

  • Compass 3, which is the new version of Compass used by the portfolios in TEB branches, started to be used as a sales automation system that focuses on efficiency, sales and risks by Headquarters Sales / Marketing Departments, Regional Directorate Teams, Private Banking Portfolio Representatives and 50 pilot users in various branches.
  • Card Systems Management Package was rewritten with a new design and technology.
  • Foreign currency (FX) and money markets transactions realized by the Treasury were included in the Treasury front office application.
  • Retail internet banking for TEB Kosovo and leasing main loan applications for TEB Leasing were developed.
  • New and extended data model initiative that focuses on loan and risk related subjects for data storage was designed with the MIS team.
  • Improvements were completed to upgrade the existing profitability application by including a breakdown of products.
  • Unica software was purchased to enable multichannel and automated Campaign Management. Branch integration projects were implemented with the Compass application in 2009.
  • A new control system started to be used to monitor all the details of TEB Express.
  • Productivity was increased by installing identity scanning for all the front office users.
  • An Application Fraud Detection system started to be used for Personal Loans.
  • A joint POS infrastructure was established.
  • Real persons' new BNP-Paribas-compatible rating model was developed and started to be applied.
  • Mobile Direct Debiting System, operated via Mobile systems, was developed.

Under the scope of IT processes, TEB�
Processes such as Event Management, Demand Management, Project Management and Software Configuration Management were developed to increase IT service quality and level of compliance with the standards. Software tools that are widely used in the industry were purchased for the automation of these processes.

In the upcoming period, TEB is determined to use information technologies efficiently in all its work processes in line with its sustainable profitability and growth objective and develop central operations capabilities by adding new functions.

TEB Banking Operations

TEB has a laser-like focus on operational efficiency.
TEB Banking Operations established its overall strategy for 2009 on the basis of increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of all the operational processes and functions and improving customer satisfaction. In line with this strategy, TEB targeted highly effective cost control management in its operations.

TEB Banking Operations, which have enjoyed the competitive advantage of a centralized operation platform for years, reflected the requirements of quality certification which demonstrates the compliance with ISO standards to all new parts of the Group.  

TEB actively supports innovativeness among its staff.
Employees are actively encouraged to give innovative recommendations to assist TEB to perfect its quality processes and gain competitive advantages. In 2009, TEB Banking Operations continued its action plan intended to implement operational initiatives in a faster and more effective way at the branch level.

Full compliance with legal regulations
In 2009, TEB Banking Operations improved relationships with customers directly or together with business lines with the purpose of increasing compliance with legal regulations and norms. Responsibility areas of Group employees were enhanced to achieve marketing and sales objectives of business lines.

In 2010, TEB Banking Operations will maintain this approach and its efforts to extend the concepts of "operational excellence" and "center of excellence" throughout the Group.

Cooperation with BNP Paribas
In 2009, TEB Banking Operations started joint projects to,

  • Increase and strengthen the synergy between BNP Paribas and our Bank,
  • Share the "best" applications it developed with BNP Paribas Group and use the "best" applications of BNP Paribas.

TEB Banking Operations moved to its new service building on the Anatolian side of Istanbul.

TEB Banking Operations, which moved to TEB Campus Block C in 2009, effected improvements in synergy within the Group and by organizing operations functions in one location.

As a result of the move, the Group became stronger in directing its employees and projects to action plans. Its capability was also improved to achieve objectives and immediately respond to sectoral developments.

Located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, TEB Campus Blocks C and D have a working capacity of nearly 2,000 employees on an approximate area of 12,000 thousand sqm.�

Although the geographic region of these buildings is categorized as a second-degree seismic zone, the complex was constructed as though it were in a first-degree seismic zone. The blocks set an example in energy efficiency with their ventilation devices that have a heat recovery system and condensing boiler. Receiving natural light from three facades and having a ceiling height of 3.44m, the TEB Campus complex provides a spacious, comfortable and modern environment for its employees.

Information related to research & development applications on new services and activities
In 2009, TEB continued to develop its product and service range according to ever evolving customer needs and expectations based on its extensive research and development initiatives.

Information related to the new products, services and applications developed by different business lines of the Bank is stated in the respective sections of the report.

Human Resources Group

In striving to achieve its strategic goals, TEB's most important asset is its human resources.
As of the end of 2009, the Bank had 5,871 employees on its payroll and a total of 334 branches. Of TEB's employees, 70.63% are university graduates, 8.23% hold a master's degree and 0.22% have a doctorate. The average training time per employee was 30 hours in 2009.

The underlying objectives in TEB's human resources activities are to be one of the best examples of excellence in human resources practices in the financial services industry, to manage all human resources related processes actively so as to give itself a competitive edge and to support the Bank's human resources performance through coordination of the overall effort.

To achieve these objectives, TEB relies upon:

TEB makes use of competence management to identify employees who are high potential and high performance to ensure their continued personal and professional development. These employees are candidates for key positions within the Bank. Follow-on development is conducted via competence management, in conjunction with the employee's relevant manager and TEB's Training & Development unit. This process serves to both give TEB a competitive edge and to strengthen the commitment of the employees to the company.

Out of 2% of our employees, the ones who have the potential to work abroad were offered international career opportunities

With the purpose of sustaining a high level of performance, the TEB Competency Model was created and it plays a significant role in the development of employees in line with TEB Vision, Mission and Corporate Values.

The TEB Competency Model contains four main headings, and 12 Competences, which can be measured on a staff position basis.

The TEB Competency Model aims to sustain a high level of employee work performance by effectively fostering the personal and professional development of employees and increasing the dynamism and performance of the entire TEB Group.

"Competence, Career and Development" reports are prepared by using a TEB developed process to make an impartial and systematic evaluation. Managers and employees are trained on competence evaluation and the process.�

TEB brought together its most talented employees, who stand out in terms of their performance and potential as well as their ability to speak English, on "TEB Talent Day" organized on 4 November 2009. The selected employees exchanged their innovative and creative ideas with one another and also learned from the experiences of the top management of TEB and BNP Paribas.

After attending speeches and presentations of BNP Paribas top managers, "TEB Talents" participated in workshops with these managers. The "Talents of Our Bank" discussed their career expectations and development with our managers following the workshops.

Special training and development programs for the participants of the TEB Talent Pool Program, created in 2008, continued this year. While direct managers and HR monitored professional performance of Talent Pool employees, managers, mentors and HR worked together for the development of their competences. All Talent Pool employees prepared and presented two projects within one year under the scope of the mentorship program.

TEB continues to foster a culture of innovation by encouraging its employees to generate innovative and creative ideas through internal initiatives, and offering innovative and creative products to its customers. In recognition of its efforts in this area, TEB was cited as an international model of excellence for its innovation related activities by USA-based international consultancy Gartner Group, which also published a "Case Study" about TEB.

TEB advanced to the finals with its "The Most Effective Cultural Change" project in the "Financial Innovation Awards 2009" to which many global banks apply with their innovative projects every year in London.

The competition, which was organized for the third time, reflects the comprehensive range of TEB's innovation related activities.

Facilitating customers' lives with its innovative and creative services, TEB considers innovation and creativity as one of the most important tools of its differentiation strategy. The competition also serves as a platform for cooperating with universities, improving the knowledge and competence of university students, recruiting talented young people to TEB and enabling our customers to shape our products and services.

Ideas that were entered in the competition in 2009, as in previous years, were presented to customers as products and services; four of the finalists were recruited by TEB.

The competition received the Golden Compass Award in the "Corporate Communications" category at the annual awards of TUHID (Turkish Public Relations Association) in 2009. The "Smart/Handy Call Center" application, which was selected as the winner last year, made it to the finals in the Best Alternative Distribution Channels category of The Banker Technology Awards.

In the "Smart Ideas Competition" held every year with the participation of 1,500 employees and 500 customers, inspirational international speakers served to broaden the vision of participants. Awards were granted to the most innovative, creative employees and teams thanks to their ideas presented in the Sparkle innovation portal as well as customers, university students and new graduates that entered the "Smart Ideas Competition."

Those who won in the students and new graduates category of the competition participated in a 3-day Silicon Valley tour.

Customers and employees gather during the afternoon to generate ideas for TEB regarding differentiated products and services in the "TEB Creative Caf�" workshops and some of these ideas are starting to be implemented by TEB.

With its "TEB Creative Caf�" project and "Smart Ideas Campus" initiative, the Bank participated in the "Innovation" competition, which is organized by BNP Paribas and to which projects from 85 countries apply every year; TEB placed first in the "Managerial Practice Encouraging Innovation" category.

The Creative Caf� projects advanced to the finals in the "Best Public Relations and Communications" category of the "Financial Innovation Awards 2009," which is an innovation competition held every year in London.

In 2009, the TEB Human Resources Group continued to organize university campus activities to identify of young, budding talents and introduce them to TEB. Having targeted handicapped students initially the prior year, our activities expanded significantly in 2009.

TEB considers education and development opportunities as an important investment in human resources.

TEB aims to support the personal and professional development of employees through programs defined in career roadmaps in line with Bank objectives and strategies. In addition, TEB strives to create a professional working environment and career development opportunities by using advanced training programs of BNP Paribas within the framework of a continuous learning and development approach.

Another objective of TEB is to identify and promote its managers from within the organization. Accordingly, employees with high potential are entitled to become manager candidates by participating in "Evaluation Centers" within the scope of competence management. The aim is to provide said employees with the required managerial competences through development programs and personal coaching support.

The "Competence and Development Project" rolled out in 2009 for the entire staff of the Bank. The project enabled employees to decide on the training programs they need to take, in parallel with their competences, together with their managers, thereby ensuring training investments are made at the exact points where employees need the most support in order to improve their performance.

All business lines conducted trainings focusing on risk management in parallel with the global economic crisis in 2009. Employees across all business lines, including managers, participated in training programs customized for the Bank.

Another training project that rolled out in 2009 was the Corporate Culture and Values program. Targeting all the Bank's employees, this training initiative included not only classroom instruction but also e-learning sessions in order to ensure continuity of training. This project also introduced a new training method: "Learning Maps."

The Excellent Customer Experience project also began in 2009. This project includes all the Bank's employees and is expected to yield results in 2010. The primary objective of the initiative is to create and implement high service standards in all branches specifically for TEB customers. Preliminary studies were completed and the first group of trainings was held at the beginning of 2009.

The TEB Performance Appraisal System is designed with quality improvement processes and systems in order to improve individual and team performance, reward performance and offer equal opportunities to everyone in line with their career roadmaps.

The TEB Mentor program contributes to self-development of employees by benefiting from the professional knowledge and experience of mentors, who are more advanced in their careers at TEB.

The TEB MENTOR program is open to all employees with the goal of differentiating the human resources performance and contributing to the development of competences.

A first in the Bank, the TEB MENTOR program evaluated requests of 47 employees and assigned Mentors in accordance with their needs.

Deployed in 2009, the lively, dynamic, innovative and creative attributes of the human resources website communicates the general business approach of TEB Group to wider audiences, provides information on the Bank and introduces human resources applications.

The TEB human resources website contains,

  • General information on TEB,
  • Introduction of groups,
  • Human Resources approach and applications,
  • Open positions,
  • Videos of various organizations,
  • Social activities.


The Bank's contests, social events, and athletic and cultural activities are conducted within the framework of TEB Club, which serves as a motivational tool for the staff. TEB Club's wide range of activities attracted much interest from employees across the Bank in 2009.

In this context,

  • Painting contests with "Mother's Day" and "environment" topics and a game called Enercin were organized. Employee picnics were held around the Marmara and Adana regions. Trips organized by the Photography Club members created beautiful photographic opportunities.
  • TEB Stars represented the Bank in the Business League and TEB athletes competed in the Eurasia Marathon, Gazi Marathon and the Ataturk Marathon.
  • Istanbul and Marmara Football Tournaments were held as events that offer both sports and entertainment.
  • The TEB Club Theater Group staged the "School of Artists" play twice in Bursa, entertaining the regional staff. "The Bourgeois Gentleman" by Moliere and "Ward 72" by Orhan Kemal were other plays that the Group staged in Istanbul before an audience of 252 people.
  • Monthly Bowling tournaments also created exciting and entertaining moments for employees.
  • The fundraising activities of TEB volunteer athletes raised a total of TRY 5,112 in three months for the benefit of the Turkish Paraplegic Society within the scope of the Bank's support for the handicapped.


TEB implemented the "HR and Communications are Listening to You" meetings in order to become closer to employees at branches and regions and listen to their expectations while creating an environment conducive for the exchange information and opinions.

The meetings aimed to share the TEB Human Resources vision, provide information on human resources activities carried out in the Bank, listen to opinions and expectations of employees and conduct individual meetings with those who request so.

Officers from all functions of the TEB Human Resources Group attended the "HR and Communications are Listening to You" meetings and endeavored to show the utmost care towards the requests and expectations of employees.

Meetings in all regions were completed as of the end of 2009 with a total of individual meetings with 236 employees.



No. of Participants

No. of Individual Meetings


08 October 2009 111 17
�ukurova 03 October 2009 119 19

Central Anatolia 1

17 November 2009 63 16
Central Anatolia 2 17 November 2009 74 14
Istanbul Anatolian 19 November 2009 105 20
Marmara 04 December 2009 101 16
Aegean 09 December 2009 156 45

Black Sea

15 December 2009 61 22

Europe 2 and

22 December 2009 66 14


22 December 2009 62 13
Europe 1 29 December 2009 172 40
TOTAL 1090 236