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Chairman's Message
TEB's performance in 2009 proved not only our corporate strength but also our success in integrating our capabilities with our business strategy.
CEO's Message
As a result of our commitment to the values that make us TEB, in 2009 we had many exemplary accomplishments that demonstrate our innovation and creativity.
is the reflection of TEB's position in domestic and international markets and an expression of the great care TEB shows to its customers.
is one of the building blocks of the TEB brand. TEB's main objective is to build and maintain relationships based on mutual trust with its customers in every area, particularly banking services. TEB has always pursued transparency in all information and data disclosures. TEB has also long proved to be a reliable bank in the eyes of all its stakeholders, especially customers and employees.
Innovativeness and creativity
are indispensable values that play a significant role in shaping the banking products and services on offer, and are both extremely important for TEB.
Ambition and commitment
together reflect the expression of the commitment of TEB's human resource staff to their work. TEB's entire professional team is deeply committed to its work and sees stakeholder satisfaction as a fundamental objective that should be achieved above all.