Damla Account

Damla Account

    Damla Account is a savings account enables you to save money with small amounts you allocate from your budget. With the “Damla Account”, you can set a savings target, and through a regular savings instruction you will give from your demand deposit account, you can invest your savings in a time deposit, gold or TEB Portfolio Short Term Debt Securities Fund (TNK).

    • You can determine the reason for saving, the saving amount you wish to achieve as well as the duration of saving while opening the Damla Account and by this means you can monitor your savings.
    • You can make savings in TL, USD, EUR and Gold, or you can also invest your savings in funds with the Damla Fund option.
    • Your savings opened in the form of TL, USD, EUR or Gold account will earn overnight interest.
    • You can save money with minimum 100 TL/50 USD/50 EUR/ 5 GR or by buying 25 units TEB Portfolio Short Term Debt Securities Fund (TNK).
    • You can give a regular savings instruction from your Demand Deposit Account.
    • You can open the Damla Account via TEB Branches.
    • You can deposit money to and withdraw money from the Damla Account through TEB Branches.
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