TEB Factoring A.Ş.

TEB Faktoring A.Ş.

    TEB Faktoring A.Ş was found in October 1997 as an affiliate of Turkish Economy Bank (TEB) to render domestic and abroad factoring services. Since 1998 our company is a member of Factors Chain International (FCI), to which factoring companies are member and which is the most important factoring organization of the world, and also our company is one of factoring companies in limited number carrying out the factoring transactions in accordance with international standards 

    Our company renders rapid and emergency services for KOBİs and companies which are smaller than KOBİs through new products produced inside country and provides quality factoring solutions to meet the requirements of these firms in the scope of their international transactions.

    TEB Faktoring A.Ş.
    Gayrettepe Mah. Yener Sok. No.1 Kat: 7-8
    34349 Beşiktaş / Istanbul
    Tel: 0212 370 45 00
    Fax: 0212 272 29 33
    E-mail: tebfactoring@teb.com.tr
    Web Site: www.tebfactoring.com.tr

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