Social Responsibility Loan Special To SMEs


    TEB KOBİ Banking leaves bank-customer relationship  from ‘’trade’’ purpose and takes to a different purpose.

    With the purpose of impressing upon the social responsibility sense to KOBİs, TEB presents AFD loan having long term and attractive interest rates.

    Through AFD loan providing from French Development Agency (AFD), all firms obtain detailed information about İnstitutional Social Responsibility (KSS) and participate in a ‘’ KSS Awareness Raising Education ‘’ where they may share their experiences. Also they get a ‘’ KSS Check-up ‘’ service with which they may determine which position they are at that time. 

     Through “KOBİ Full Check-up” service, managerial, financial, productional, KSS and similar process’ of KOBİs are be analyzed  and evaluation report of firms is prepared.

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