Energy Efficinecy and Renewable Energy

Energy Efficinecy and Renewable Energy

    When it is considered that Turkey imports the 70% of its energy demands, it is remarkable that the energy efficiency and the renewable energy are so important for our economy. The efficient use of energy is also important in terms of the protection of the environment and its transfer to the next generations in addition to its positive effect on welfare level. As Turkish Economy Bank, we try to provide the required support fort he separation of the works on the energy efficiency and renewable energy, mitigating the burden of the energy costs on the economy and the protection of the environment.


    For the sustainable economic development of Turkey, all the players of our economy have responsibilities. The change and development within the frame of the principles of the sustainable development that we can call as green transformation are not in the scale that especially small and medium size enterprises (SME) can cope with alone. The financial and non-financial assistances are significantly required. The banks should be with those enterprises on that matter.  

    TEB’s Energy Giving Credit

    Our aim with TEB Energy credit is to raise awareness on the matter of the energy efficiency among our clients and promote them to invest in that particular field via our supports. We provide also non-financial supports to our customers for the occurrence of the rightful projects. We analyse whether the energy investments are feasible or not, with a specialist firm before the investment and we provide the SME to invest rightfully with that consultancy. We try to guide our requesting clients to determine the energy saving potential and suitable investments as a result of the energy researches which are conducted by the consultant firm in the production facilities of the clients. We plan industrial and regional conferences for 4 years to raise awareness our clients on the matter of the energy efficiency. The organization of “Energy Efficiency and Carbon Management in Tourism Industry, Approaches, and Practices” was held in Antalya in September 2011. We are targeting the SMEs having revenue less than TL 18 millions for TEB Energy Credit. Under the heading of the energy efficiency, it is possible to finance the projects like machinery and equipment renewals resulting with minimum 15% energy saving, modernization investment and co-generation facilities less than 20 MW; under the heading of the renewable energy, it is possible to finance the projects enabling at least 12% internal productivity via thermal, geo-thermal, biogas / biomass and wind energy less than 500 MW. TEB Energy Credit is a long term and cost-effective credit. The credit period, one year non-refundable, can be extended to eight years. The credit can be used for three years at minimum. The required equity changes from one Project to another. Under the right conditions, we can provide a credit for the 100% of the investment. We have been filed 125 applications until today under the headings of ‘energy efficiency’ and ‘renewable energy’ within the frame of the TEB Energy Credit and we provided € 41,3 millions 58 of those applications. We nearly credited all the industries but since there was more demand in tourism sector, we have more credits in that sector. Under the renewable energy heading, we put our signature to innovative projects like generation of energy from wastes and deriving biomass energy from variety of wastes. 


    TEB will continue to support the energy efficiency and the renewable energy.

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